Lower back pain? Try these positions!
Sex Positions

Lower back pain? Try these positions!

By Sabine, 14.06.2021

Do you have a bad back? It literally can be a real pain. One study even found men and women with chronic back pain to function less sexually. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way around the pain with the perfect sex positions? We can help! 


The University of Waterloo (Canada) researched the best sex positions for people with back pain, specifically the lower back. They found ten couples and made them ‘do’ five different sex positions, while monitoring the spine’s reaction. They filmed the couples using infrared cameras for optimal monitoring. And guess what? There are two kinds of back pain reactions: when bending over and when stretching out/ bending back. The perfect position for you depends on which back pain you experience. 

Positions for the man with lower back pain when bending over

If your man is experiencing this pain he will probably be more comfortable doing missionary position. He will straighten out his back while leaning on his arms and that is very important. 

Positions for the man with lower back pain when stretching out/bending back

A man who experiences back pain by stretching or bending back is recommended to lie down on his side. We’re talking about spooning! You could go for the missionary positions, maybe use some pillows underneath the woman to lift her pelvis. It will help him to bend forward.

Positions for the woman with lower back pain when bending over

Spooning is the best position for a woman who experiences pain while bending over, or another position where he penetrates her from behind, like doggy style. It’s important to search for the right support: lean on your hands not on your elbows, that will make you bend forward too much. Lying on your stomach is also recommended because it stretches out the back. 

Positions for the woman with lower back pain when stretching out/bending back

The missionary position is recommended again. The woman can choose for a position where she’s on top. She can lean on her hands bending forwards or sit up and straighten her back, whatever is more comfortable. She could also bend over the man’s torso with her chest, bending forward.

What if you both experience back pain?

It’s possible you both experience back pain of course. The best position is when the woman is on her back while the man is on his side facing her. She will bend her legs so the man can place his legs underneath hers. Her legs can rest on his legs. Back pain is mostly on one side of the back, it might help to bend one leg. Doctors recommend stretching out one leg and bending the other. 


The best advice we can give you is to use pillows. You can make yourself comfortable using one or more pillows. You can even buy special pillows created for back pain. A pillow will give you the needed support. When you are on your stomach your back will arch, this can create pain. If you put a pillow under your stomach, your back will be straighter. It will also help to stretch the lower back during sex, making it less painful  for your back.

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