10 tips for quickies
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10 tips for quickies

By Rebecca, 24.12.2018

There is nothing quite like having a really good quickie. Passion, spontaneity and pleasure all wrapped into a few high-intensity moments. Of course, there are less-than-stellar quickies but we are here to make sure you have the best quickies possible. Follow these tips in preparation for your next booty call.

#1 Build Up to the Quickie

Start building up the desire by sexting each other. It can be fun to tease each other before meeting up in order to build sexual tension. The more you tease, the more you’ll want to undress each other as soon as possible, which will make your quickie feel like the culmination of a day of sexy thoughts.

#2 Wear Something Easy to Remove

Ideally, wear something easy to remove or easy to pull up. Fumbling with belts or tight jeans can slow down the momentum. You want to feel like you got swept away into the moment, instead of getting your leg stuck in your pants (we’ve all been there).

#3 Bring Your Favourite Sex Toy

You don’t have to use a sex toy during a quickie but you absolutely can if you want to. If you have a favourite one that works the best to make you orgasm, make sure it is cleaned and easy to access. Searching for a toy can break the flow of the quickie, so be prepared.

Watch porn for women with sex toys to get inspired!

#4 Use Lube

Lube is one of the greatest creations because it can amplify an already wet situation or it can help get everything going if your body needs some liquid help. Have it on hand to use, and then don’t be shy to use it.

#5 Enjoy Some Oral Sex

Just because it is a quickie doesn’t mean that everything beyond penetration needs to be forgotten. You can enjoy oral sex as the main event or you can enjoy oral sex as a warm up event for penetration. Whichever way you enjoy it, don’t miss out on the pleasure that oral sex can provide because you are wrapped up on some movie representation of a quickie.

#6 DIY At the Start

Speaking of warming up, you can absolutely warm yourself up. This can happen before your booty call arrives, while you are both undressing or doing a quick session of mutual masturbation. The goal of the quickie is to have an amazing time and pleasuring yourself can definitely be part of that. Whatever makes the experience better for you!

#7 Pick a Good Location

If you typically have sex in your bedroom, consider changing up the location for your quickie. Changing up the scenery can help increase the intensity. Ever done it on your kitchen counters? It might be a thrilling place to choose because it is unusual or because you risk being seen by the neighbours. You can absolutely have a quickie in the bedroom but consider starting it in the hallway or the couch for something a bit different.

#8 Don’t Hold Back

Breathe heavily, moan loudly, add some nibbling and scratching – just don’t hold back! Quickies are all about intense passion so help make it intense by letting go of whatever normally holds you back. Forget about what you look like or how you sound. Forget about all that stuff that takes up space in your head and just go for it. Get into the moment and let passion lead the way!

#9 Communicate With Your Partner

A quickie is the ultimate moment to be straightforward with your partner. If something doesn’t feel great, you need to tell them. If you want them to do something differently, you need to tell them. You should tell them
if something feels incredibly. There is no time to be wasted hoping your partner can take a hint. Don’t kill the mood by bossing them around (unless they are into that) but be as direct as possible.

#10 Have Fun With It

The number of orgasms that were attained should not measure a successful quickie; it should be measured by how fun it was for everyone involved. There are so many reasons why someone might not orgasm during a quickie and that is totally okay, as long as it was a good time. Enjoy the time spent with your partner getting in a few minutes of sexy activities.

Now that you know our top 10 tips for having the best quickie – it might be time to booty call your partner! Quickies should be fun, intense, and filled with passion – so don’t overthink it and just enjoy the moment.

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