Playing with candles

Playing with candles

By Emmeline Peaches, 01.01.2024

The days are dark and the nights long, temperatures are dropping. I don’t know about you, but I have begun my retreat indoors, eating a little more and craving the warmth of an inviting log fire and candles.

Alluring as those crackling stacks of wood are, however, the erotic adventurer might do well to consider welcoming some heat in a different manner altogether.

For those who are drawn to the flicker of a flame there is perhaps no more enticing (nor thrilling) and activity for colder months than wax play.

Weaving sexual tension with wax is such an addictive pursuit that many practice it all year round, relishing the sensation of hot wax drizzling on to exposed skin.

What Is Wax Play?

Put simply it is the process of using specially designed candles in order to drip, drizzle, or otherwise decorate a person’s body with wax.

The practice was once rather obscure but has since become a lot more accessible to any aspiring kinkster. This is due to the adult market’s interest in wax play increasing, thus allowing for more body safe candles to be introduced in retail stores and sites and very reasonable prices.

This makes wax play a very cost effective way of upping your sensation play or massage game should you wish, and allows for beginners to happily Stoke the fire’s of their desire.

Doesn’t It Hurt Though?

If you were to use a normal, store purchased candle then wax play wouldn’t just hurt – it would be potentially very dangerous!

This is because the paraffin wax used by most standard candles burns a lot hotter than the candles used in wax play, which are specially designed to be used on human skin.

Use any old candle and you risk burns, chemical reactions, or skin irritation (even if using a soya candle). Use the right equipment, however, and wax play is a pure sensory delight.

What Counts As ‘The Right Equipment?’

A wax play candle will typically be make from soya wax, as it burns at a lower temperature, and will be marketed as either a massage or a wax play candle. This is because there are different types of wax play, but more on that later.

The wax used in these candles feels ‘quite hot’ and most and ‘pleasantly lukewarm’ at their most comfortable. This is determined entirely by the user, too, meaning that wax play is one of the most versatile and personable types of sensation play out there.

A toy warmed or cooled will naturally adjust over time and will need to be reheated or recooled to get back to preference. All a wax candle requires is the slightest postural adjustment of the handler, the action is near immediate and allows full attention to be given to the play session.

This adjustment is achieved by simply holding the candle closer or further away from the body. The closer the candle the more biting its waxy sting will be.

The further away it is the more time it has to cool before finally meeting with the body, allowing for a gentler and warming drip.

Simple, effective, and controlled. What more could a sensation lover want?

Types of Wax Play

That’s a good question, because there are different types of wax play. One of the more traditional and common ones is pure sensation. For this any erotic wax candle will do and you might even want to play with ones that burn at different temperatures.

In this type of play the sheer sensation of wax hitting the body is the only important aspect. This pairs well with blindfolding, restraints, and other BDSM activities. Add some different candle colours in and you get the second common type of wax play – decorative wax play.

Sensation is still important in this play type but so is making a visually pleasing (or playful) decoration on the recipient’s skin. The artwork come the end is unique, erotic, and shared only between those involved. A truly exclusive delight.

Sometimes all involved will watch or dictate the patterns being used. Other times the recipient will be deprived of the sight until the very end. Either way, decorative wax play can make for some truly intense moments and pairs well with a Polaroid shot come the end of the session.

Then you have the final, perhaps most prevalent, type of wax play – massage play. This type of wax play used candles that are designed to melt in to a buttery smooth massage oil which, once poured, can be stroked and massaged into the recipient’s skin.

Such candles are a fantastic introduction to wax play, offer a very safe burning temperature, and ease perfectly into almost any sensation play session.

We recommend that new users try this type of wax play before advancing on.

The Takeaway

There is something intimidating about the invitation of a flame. Flashback to childhood cos we were often told to stay away. Candles have become almost taboo as a light source in our fire-fearing society, and most of us approach them with caution.

Open up to the flame, however, and you may find passions you never knew you have find their first kindling.

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