Zippidy Zap: Electrowands and You

Zippidy Zap: Electrowands and You

By Emmeline Peaches, 19.08.2019

Have you heard of a Tazapper?

This bad boy is a rod easily taken up in the hand and capable of administering an electric shock to any willing participant that you wish to tease. When it does so it makes a rather loud and intimidating sound. That, coupled with its appearance, makes the Tazapper an incredibly fun piece of kit for anyone willing to get playful with electricity.

But it’s not the only option on the market.


The idea of playing with electricity in a sexual capacity has been around for a long time. The practice stems back to the Eighteenth Century, and the Victorians certainly had fun in the Nineteenth Century. Modern electrostimulation, however, is rooted in the 1950’s when people realized they could take commercial E-Stim devices and use them in more…creative ways then what was advertised.

While electroplay can seem scary to the uninitiated it’s actually a rather accessible practice.

Most E-Stim devices start out with a very gentle tingle – more timid then pins and needles – before escalating at the user’s choice to sensations that become more bracing or ‘stingy’ as the intensity ramps up.

E-Stim devices can also make muscles contract or release (much like TENS devices) in order to cause muscle contractions throughout a user’s sexual organs, which basically feels like a climax without active force.

Electrowands and prods such as the Tazapper are less about these contractions and much more about localized sensations which tend to have one point of contact and create very specific points of pleasure.

The sensation produced is felt in a single area and, as such, can be much more precise, tempting, and arousing.

Every time a person hovers a Tazapper or a similar device over the body you’re left wondering where they will eventually decide to place the tip. How it will feel. How intense it will be. In many cases the anticipation of an electric shock (and sometimes the sounds) are much more bracing then the pleasured pain that it might produce.

That’s not to say that these devices can’t pack a punch but they don’t always have to meaning that even new users can engage in rather safe and gentle play.

Types of Electrowand

As we’ve alluded to, there are a few different types of E-Stim prod or wand and it pays to know the difference. The main types that you will encounter can be divided in to two categories:

The ‘Violet/Neon Wand’:

These devices are handheld ‘wands’, usually made of lightweight plastic, which users can then place different attachments on to act as the contact point for play.

They have a low-current, high-voltage, and high frequency.

One of the biggest benefits of these wands is the variety of attachments that you can get for them – with most wands usually coming with a variety of attachments to use.

Metal and glass attachments are the most common you will encounter. Metal attachments look intimidating and have their own cool sensation which adds to the experience.

Glass attachments allow you to see the electricity running through them and off them, which is especially arousing in dim lit or dark situations.

Imagine the plasma globes that you get at science museums – with blue and purple streaks running through them – now imagine those streams of electricity shooting from the tip of a tiny glass point and jolting on to your skin. That’s a large part of the appeal from violet wands.

Violet wands can also produce a rather potent sting if users intend so.

If you get a sex-specific violet wand then they might also be designed and approved to use directly on the genitals, though always check the product descriptions before assuming this is the case.

Electric Prods/Probes:

These are your Tazapper-type objects.

Basically the human kinkster equivalent of a cattle prod, these probes are made for direct bodily contact to produce a bracing jolt, usually with a loud sound added for the intimidation factor.

Some of these devices will be mains powered but most are portable and cordless, which is one of the benefits above a violet wand (which are almost always mains powered).

The freedom of movement and portability enabled by a prod will appeal to Dominants and kinksters who like to prowl and freeroam when engaging in sex play, but there is much less of a glowing, plasma globe aesthetic to them.

Instead these prods are all about the illusion of a menacing dominance, while also still offering enough leeway for gentle play.

Buyer beware though – some of these prods have a current control system that needs to be followed, lest the user get zapped instead of the recipient.

Safety First

Of course, when playing with electricity it is important to be careful and to get a deep understanding of the kit that you’re using.

Always read the instructions of an E-Stim toy that you have purchased.

Read reviews in advance if you can and do some research in to body parts (and places) that absolutely should not be electrocuted. Again, each product will have its own stipulations but knowing the hard No’s is an absolute must.

Don’t mix electricity with water and make sure any lubricant or massage oil you’re using is E-Stim compatible. Many E-Stim retailers will sell their own conductivity gel that you can use but, beware, this will increase the intensity.

The Takeaway

If you’ve ever gulped at the sight of an E-Stim object but also found yourself tingling with desire then it might be time to invest in your own device.

E-Stim is more accessible now then ever before and the market is full of safe, sex-specific objects to bring in to your bedroom antics.

Shocking? Perhaps, but that’s what’s so fun about these devices.

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