Not reaching that climax? Try these sex positions

Not reaching that climax? Try these sex positions

By Sabine, 12.07.2021

Many women struggle to reach a climax and that makes us sad. It’s just such a waste! We love to help out of course, so if you are failing to have an orgasm these are the positions you should try out. 


You know this one right? It’s a relaxed position where the woman is entered from behind by the man. His hands are free to massage her breasts and stimulate the clit which makes it extra hot. The tension might be a bit less because there’s no eye contact.

Cat position

Forget about doing it doggystyle, we‘re here to tell you about doing it the cat way. There’s no penetration, so this is a position for all kinds of couples. With your bodies horizontal you can get ready to rub each other all over. Because your bodies are pushed close, your partner’s pubic bone will rub your clit and this feels really great. All you have to do is to keep your legs straight and close together. 

Turtle position

You are on your stomach holding your legs together. Your partner is on his knees, positioned on the outside side of your legs. He can enter you while holding his torso up, or lie on top of you, making it a more intimate position. It’s all up to you!

Twerking position

If you are not the shy type this is something you must try. You get on top of the man, him facing your back. He pulls up one of his legs  while you rub your pelvis against him. Just like doing the cat position, this rubbing will give you lots of pleasure.

Reverse cowgirl

Get on top of him, again, with your back turned. If you’re in a comfortable position you start moving your hips up and down. This way the penis will reach the right spot. And why not use your own hands on yourself a bit?


Okay, so this is not a position. But we had to mention it. The perfect solution to climax problems is a sex toy, in most cases anyway. You can use them during sex and it will bring you both so much joy. What about a vibrator that stimulates your clit while you are penetrated by your partner. It’s also very hot and fun to try out toys together.

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