Summer sex trends for 2021

Summer sex trends for 2021

By Rebecca, 23.06.2018

One of the biggest indicators of sex trends is when people not involved in the sex industry start talking about it during group conversations. Summer is about to begin, so we thought we would let you know what everyone is talking about!

Here are 8 sex trends for the summer that are being wildly discussed!

1. App-Controlled Vibrators

Long-distance relationships are becoming more common, thanks to the tools that allow people to continue feeling intimate with their partners despite not being physically close to them. Sex toys are now included in those items! Remote-controlled sex toys have been around for ages, and app-controlled vibrators started coming into the market a couple years ago – but now they are really trending! There are so many different ones available (at different price points too) that the idea of having someone else control your vibrator is really catching on.

2. Open Relationships

More and more couples are breaking the traditional rules of monogamy. You can argue if monogamy is natural or not – but you can’t argue that having open, healthy conversations with your partner about sexual desires is a bad thing. People now realize that you don’t have to be monogamous or polyamorous – that there is a whole spectrum of relationships in between. Whether it’s for pleasure only or if you’re mixing in emotions – couples are talking about it, thinking about it, and occasionally even acting on it.

3. IUDs as Birth Control

There was a study that just came out in Canada that reported Intrauterine devices (IUDs) should be the first choice for women considering contraception because IUDs provide the best protection against unplanned pregnancy. The conversation about IUDs has been brought up again! Always make sure to talk to your doctor about your contraception and any concerns or questions about what they suggest and what you’ve read online.

4. At-Home STI Testing

There are several companies working on making STI testing way more convenient – like having virtual appointments with doctors, having test providers come to your house, and viewing your results online. Of course, this will be developed by private companies, but it is a start!

5. Online Sex Education Webinars

There have been sex education workshops being hosted at sex toys shops for decades – but now, like everything else, the information is being provided online! You can live-stream classes, ask the instructors questions, and learn about sex from the comfort of your couch!

6. Sex Robots

They haven’t quite arrived… yet. But they are on their way! Engineers are working on creating sex robots that can have personalities and make genuine conversation. These robots are the topic of ethical conversations, including how they will be marketed – often being marketed as a therapeutic and healthy, and even reducing sex crimes. But others think there will only be negative results.

7. Consent and Body Positivity

Consent is still very much a hot topic – and it is truly incredible that it didn’t just disappear with the new news cycle! In fact, it has started to become an ingrained part of our culture.

As well, as the summer weather allows for fewer layers of clothing, expect a lot of articles and news about body positivity and being respectful.

8.  Naturalists

Hollywood would have us believe that all nudists are above a certain age. This is not true, and the trend of being a naturalist is increasing! There are nudist and topless clubs in many cities that organize events like nude yoga, topless picnics, etc. Nudity is making a comeback! Before you throw away your clothes  – make sure you read up on local nudity laws. If you’re nervous about it, then join a club to ease into your newly discovered lifestyle! Want to watch a sexy porn for women video about naturalism? Watch ‘That guy at the nudist beach’.

Have you overheard any interesting conversations and thought it might be the next trend? Let us know!

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