What about sex and epilepsy?

What about sex and epilepsy?

By Sabine, 25.10.2021

30% of the people suffering from epilepsy experience problems while having sex, according to research. Why is that and what can you do to prevent or reduce this? 

What is epilepsy?

Before we get into the sex thing it might be good to know what epilepsy is. Epilepsy is a condition that triggers attacks caused by a shortcut in the brain. Epilepsy can influence your sex life because of the medication used or by the attacks you suffer.


Just like when using birth control pills or antidepressants medication used for epilepsy can cause a decrease in sexual lust, also known as a lower libido. The medication can also make you tired and will leave you with energy for sex. 


A person who suffers from epilepsy can be very anxious and afraid of having an attack during sex. Such an attack can leave a person unconscious and with convulsions, not something you want when naked between the sheets. The anxiety can keep the person from having to want or try sex, or even the partner can be afraid to go for it to happen. Communication, as always, is key. 

Can sex trigger an attack?

That’s the big question. Good news: chances are very slim! The relaxation of your body after the sexual release might trigger an attack, but only if you are sensitive to it. 

What can you do?

There’s no magic potion to solve the issues, we are very sorry about that. But what you can do is: talk about it! If your sex life is influenced significaltly, it might be good to talk about it with a counciller, or a neurologist, a special epilepsy consultant, or even a sexologist. If you don’t know where to start, a visit to your general practitioner will be a great first step!

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