Everything you wanted to know about intimate piercings for women

Everything you wanted to know about intimate piercings for women

By Eva, 25.11.2021

There are several erotic, or intimate as we call them, piercings for women. Getting pierced in your most intimate spot is a sexual fantasy that is increasing in popularity. We totally get this because wearing jewelry so close to your clitoris will increase your sexual pleasure significantly and can even lead to mind blowing climaxes. 

This is why you should have an intimate piercing

The crazy thing is that it’s not the most important reason for women to get an intimate piercing. The main reason is the powerful feeling women get: to be in control over their own body and sexuality. We couldn’t imagine a better reason to run off to a piercing shop and get it done! But wait, you might want to know all the pros and cons before you have one set – or more. 


Sexual pleasure is not guaranteed for everybody. Every woman and every vagina is different, so some piercings might not do the trick for you. There are several kinds though, chances are the right one for you is just a lookup away. The biggest and maybe only con is that the healing can take up to four weeks, sometimes even nine months. The skin around it must be treated with care, so nothing rough for a while. 


If the wound is healed you don’t have to be afraid that your sexual pleasure will decrease. None of the piercings we are discussing will. A big pro is the powerful feeling you get, feeling optimally feminin. Also: it’s pretty! The best thing though is that it helps to increase sexual pleasure, depending on the spot that has been pierced. 

The Christina

The most popular one yet: the Christina piercing. So how does Christina work? A barbell piercing, slightly curved, is pierced in the skin just beneath the mons pubis. The top ball will be on the top of the vagina, at the start of the labia. So the piercing is not set close to the clitoris, and it won’t help you climax harder. It will be hotter, yes, but mostly because it looks so hot. Healing will take a long time: 6 to 9 months. But the jewelry is worth it. 

Verticale Clithood

It’s not Robin Hood, but Clithood. It is not pierced through the clit, but through the hood just above it. It’s a tiny rod that is placed vertically. Most women choose a barbell because of that. After the healing – 4 to 8 weeks mostly- it feels nice to wear and the verticale clithood will deliver mindblowing steamy sex! 

Horizontale clithood

This is also set in the skin above the clitoris. The jewelry piece is often a ring with a small ball and is pierced horizontally through the skin. The healing takes – if treated well- up to 4 to 6 weeks. The ball will gently touch the clit. Can you imagine this piercing during a great session of sex when you’re on top

Labia majora

An intimate piercing on the outer lips is set because of the same reason you will choose a Christina, because it looks good. A secret piece of jewelry. A lot of women chose a ring or a barbell on each lip. The skin is a bit thicker than the hood so it will take up to 3 to 4 months to heal. 

Labia minora

Getting your inner lips pierced is only possible when they’re large enough. If that’s the case a barbell or small ring can be set. You can choose to have several, on one side or both. Or be really kinky and get one piercing to be pierced through both. There’s a big change your labia will rip during the fucking, so it’s not something we’d reccomend. It will heal in 4 to 8 weeks. 


This piercing is set close to the perineum, on the labia minora. Not at the entrance of your vagina. The best choice is a barbell. A Fourchette is not for every woman, if you have scar tissue from childbirth it probably won’t be possible. Healing will take some time, 3 to 9 months. 

Does erotic piercing hurt?

Well, your intimate zones are sensitive so it won’t be painless. Experiences vary, some people say it stings, others faint. The sight of a needle has a lot to do with the experience too. But getting it set will take only minutes. 

How is a piercing set? 

Before you go out to the nearest piercing shop, we urge you to do the necessary research. First check if they’re acknowledged by the country’s public health organisation. Check the hygienics and professionalism. Ask around for experiences. If you are ready to sashay yourself to the shop, be sure to know the person who pierces you is obligated to talk things through, inform you of all the risks and choices. Before anything else. Do they agree it’s a safe option for you? The professional will disinfect the area you will be pierced and mark the spot. Then the needle will help set the jewelry of your choice. 

Before you leave they have to take the time and explain how to take care of the wound. You will probably get some info to take home so you can read it again when your heart rate is at a normal rate again ;). You will forget about the pain soon and experience the pleasure in no time!

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