Why sex is so addictive and how to know if you have a sexaddiction

Why sex is so addictive and how to know if you have a sexaddiction

By Eva, 09.12.2021

What is it with sex that makes it so addictive? What is the difference between a high libido and an addiction? We’ll tell you all about it in this article, but we’d like to start off with the addictiveness of sex. 

Why is sex so addictive?

Having sex will release several hormones: oxytocin and vasopressin. These substances will help you feel connected with your sexpartner. Oxytocin helps you to commit more and feel happy and tranquil. It is also the reason you tend to fall asleep after a great session of steamy love making. 

The orgasm itself feels like a delight too of course! Think of all the shivers going down your spine, your whole body tingling when having an orgasm and then the release, the feeling of total relaxation after you had sex. You just can’t get enough of it, right? If you are in fact insatiable, it might have something to do with having a high libido, but it can also be an addiction. 

A high libido: the pros

A lot of people who think they have a sex addiction ‘just’ have a high libido. What a great quality to have! For you and for your partner. Enjoying your body sexually is healthy!  You just really enjoy sex and also enjoy seeing your partner aroused. That is great and totally healthy! Even when you want to do it four times a day, with yourself or with a partner. You will feel happy and satisfied, not frustrated, down or angry, because that is what an addict will feel after a sexual act. 

How to spot a high libido?

  • If you enjoy sex
  • When you have fun having sex
  • When you love to watch some female friendly porn with your partner
  • When being naughty is a bit of a hobby
  • When you feel like having sex outside the bedroom too

Hot to spot an addiction?

Is sex something you love to do or something you must do? Do you feel the need to act sexually when you are at work, needing to masturbate in the toilets? It’s how to recognize an addiction: it’s something you need, you can’t go without. And it’s never enough, an endless desire. Orgasm after orgasm. If not, the addict will be very depressed. It has nothing to do with fun. A sex addiction or PSAS controls your life. 

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS)

In 2001 a rare condition was discovered: Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). People with this syndrome are continuously aroused. Horny all day long. You can compare it with an itch that just won’t go away. Crazy. It might be caused by an entrapment of the nerves in the underbelly. But science is still out on the exact cause. 

Are you a sex addict?

  • You perform more than 10 sexual acts a day
  • You always want more
  • You feel empty after having an orgasm
  • You masturbate compulsively
  • You watch porn compulsively

Do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? If you do, we recommend you to find some professional help. Don’t be afraid, there’s a lot of great help out there! 

Do you love sex?

If you just recognize yourself in having a high libido, we recommend: keep enjoying the sex! There are no cons, just pros! If your libido is higher than your partners, you might want to help them out by introducing them to very stimulating female friendly porn! It won’t take long to get you both in the mood.

Have fun…

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