Spanish Fly: a natural aphrodisiac

Spanish Fly: a natural aphrodisiac

By Janna, 28.09.2023

Spanish Fly, the mysterious, mythic love potion has been around for years, but has long been a relatively unknown product. Only recently, we see a more frequent mention of the potion. But what is it actually, and is it really as sexy as the stories suggest? And not insignificant: is it safe to use the stuff?

The magical cantharidin

The secret behind Spanish Fly is cantharidin, a chemical substance harvested from beetles, like the Spanish fly. Yes, that’s right. The active substance in this famous love potion originates from insects. Cantharidin is known to induce lust and arousal. The idea is that taking Spanish Fly, which contains cantharidin, sets you on fire, making your nights unforgettable. The beetles themselves use this substance to protect their eggs. Cantharidin is a lipid toxin, a kind of grease-like poison.

Safety warning

But before you rush to the nearest pharmacy (or, even more likely, start searching for it online), we better consider safety here first. Cantharidin is powerful, but it can be dangerous too. It’s so strong that in some cases it can cause burns, especially in the mouth and in other sensitive areas. And if that isn’t the opposite of sexy, we don’t know what is. Cantharidin causes irritation. The idea is that it irritates the ureter, which causes the body to send more blood to the genital area. And more blood in the genitals makes you feel horny.

Legendary history

Spanish Fly has a rich history dating back to the ancient Romans, who used it as an aphrodisiac. It was also said to have helped Casanova, the (in)famous lover, in his conquests. Of course we can’t tell how much of is true. But at least these are fascinating stories to share.

The reality of today

Let’s be real, it’s 2023 and we’ve found better ways to ignite our passion. Taking potentially dangerous substances just isn’t worth it. Surely, there are plenty of safe, effective ways to keep the fire in your relationship burning without harming your health.

Better safe than sorry

So, if you ever feel tempted to call upon the mysterious powers of Spanish Fly, remember that you are dealing with a toxic substance there. In principle, it’s not harmful if you only use a little, so be sensible and certainly don’t take more than the recommended dosage. Thankfully though, there are various other ways to boost your sex life, so don’t get fixated too much on Spanish Fly.

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