The hottest tv shows of all times

The hottest tv shows of all times

By Rebecca, 31.07.2018

After a long day at the beach it is time for a cold shower and something hot on a screen! Check out the steamy show on our list!

1. Orange is the New Black

Of course this one had to be the first on the list. OITNB was the show that helped skyrocket Netflix. Not only did OITNB show major diversity, it also showed lesbian relationships… including quite a few sex scenes.

While the plot became a little less diverse and a little less scandalous over the years, it will forever remain one of the sexiest TV shows on Netflix. The sixth season is just out! 

2. Lovesick

The premise of Lovesick is that one man gets diagnosed with chlamydia and he has to go through his entire sexual history to inform his past partners. While it might sound a bit cliché, the show itself is brilliantly funny.

Each episode focuses on his romantic involvement with each past partner, which means we have sexy moments between long-term partners, one-night stands and everything in between.

3. Easy

This show feels so real. Each episode brings a different story of a relationship and focuses on those awkward, complex parts of life. This includes sex, but like real sex. Like when one of the episodes focuses on how to get the kids away for long enough for the parents to have a night alone, or when a couple decides to invite a third.

If you want a refreshing look at sex that you can connect with, Easy is the show for you. 

4. Girls

While it might be the last season of Girls this year, there have been many candid looks at the complicated sex lives of 20-year olds. Not to mention the analingus scene that made the Internet talk about analingus in a positive way!

The show is focused on the lives of these four women, and that includes all the very realistic sex they have.

5. Scandal

With a title like ‘Scandal’, they obviously had to include some scandalous sex scenes! There are sex scenes in closets, on desks, in showers…

It seems like the cast just can’t resist each other! Many of the sex scenes happen to be fully clothes (blame the network for that one) but it doesn’t make them any less

6. True Blood

Season 1 wasn’t too over-the-top sexy, but season 2 was essentially just one giant orgy. Like, there was an actual orgy that lasted for days. There was essentially a character that thrived on making other people have sex. 

It seemed like HBO decided to push the limits on what they could get away with, and they got away with a lot.

7.The L Word

This is the only show that I have watched in its entirety… twice. If you haven’t watched The L Word, you definitely should. It was a groundbreaking show about the lives of Lesbians, and that includes a lot of sex scenes.

If you don’t know about Shane McCutcheon, you need to watch it.

8. Californication

Californication is basically a show about sex and drugs.  The title itself has the word ‘fornication’ in it. Someone actually decided to count how many women the main character sleeps with throughout the series and the grand total is 26.

Let’s just say that when the pilot episode starts with the main character unknowingly sleeping with his ex’s stepdaughter… it’s going to be an intense show.

9. Secret Diary of a Call Girl

The show is based around the adventures of an escort. 

Which means that there are some super sexy scenes and some super interesting looks into different people’s fetishes, including pretending to be animals, wrestling and bottle-feeding.

10. Queer as Folk

Produced in 1999, Queer as Folk was a groundbreaking show about the lives of gay men. The producers wanted to make sure it encompassed everything, including the sex scenes.  

The scenes are so hot that many of them have ended up in compilations on free porn sites.

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