Watch out! These positions have the highest penis fracture rate

Watch out! These positions have the highest penis fracture rate

By Janna, 09.01.2023

A penis fracture?! Does that even exist? It might be hard to believe, but there are definitely dangerous positions that could cause his penis to break when too much pressure is applied! Break a penis? Yes, unfortunately, it is possible to break a penis during wild sex. Which means it might cause a rupture in the whitish testicle sheath, the membrane surrounding the erectile tissue of the penis. Do you want to make sure his tool does not get broken? Then be careful with the ‘dangerous’ positions below … 

The most dangerous positions

In three Brazilian hospitals penis fractures were researched. A total of 63 participants had been hospitalized with a penis fracture in the past 13 years. The research showed that most fractures were caused by the positions below. Safe sex suddenly gets a whole new meaning …


This is clearly the number 1 of ‘most dangerous’ positions. In this position, the woman sits on top, which means her entire body weight rests on his penis. Almost 50% of all penile fractures is caused by this delicious but risky position. So, maybe you want to think twice about going on top?


This ‘dangerous’ position is a bit more obvious. When the pressure on the penis increases (suddenly), there is chance of a fracture. So you can imagine how an unguarded wild moment of misalignment ups the risk. This is also why doggy-style causes about 29% of penile fractures.


Although this popular position seems harmless, it still causes 21% of all penile fractures. The popularity of this position is certainly a factor here. But despite the fact that this position is at the bottom of listed ‘dangerous’ positions, we wouldn’t call it entirely innocent either.

Got a cold shower from this list? Don’t let it spoil your fun, as penis fractures are relatively rare. Being aware of the risks and taking them into account with these positions, you can surely keep his tools intact. And if something does go wrong, consult a doctor right away! If treatment can be started as soon as possible, the risk of permanent injury is minimal.

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