Behind The Scenes: on the set of Kaat Bollen’s porna film
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Behind The Scenes: on the set of Kaat Bollen’s porna film

By Sabine, 20.10.2016

Always wanted to have an inside look of shooting a porna film? Well, consider your wish fulfilled as Dusk hosted a press day on the set of Kaat Bollen porna’s film for Daring Media Group and we’re giving you an exclusive sneak-peek behind the scenes!

Nothing but the best, is exactly what Kaat Bollen wanted for her very first porna film. The sexologist wrote the entire script for the movie herself with a great eye for detail, knowing exactly what type she was looking for when casting the performers. The cast includes Stella CoxLucia LoveLola MarieElla HughesKai TaylorSam Bourne and Best Male Performer 2016: Luke Hotrod. Kaat created a lot of moodboards regarding the characters and how their sex scenes should be like, all in order so regular Daring director DiSanto could translate her visions to film. So what’s the story about then?

“Girls Weekend! Amy put together a weekend trip for her girlfriends. Back in the day, when the four of them were still in college, they would take a trip together every year. But nowadays, with their busy lives and all, it’s been 5 years since the last time they went away. When Cath finds out about her husband’s affair, she calls the girls in tears and they decide it’s about time for a weekend in the mansion they came to know so well. Each in their own way, they experience hot and sensual adventures there…”

Ella Hughes is having fun on her own.

Kaat: “In porn everything revolves around the cum-shot. The difference in porna is that the journey is more important than the destination. Women like to feel, men like to see. Besides physical arousal, the mental aspect is very important as well.” So, even though it’s all about sex, the storyline has to be perfect to make it exciting for women to see, meaning that the location for this production had to be perfect as well…

The set for this exciting porna film is a huge mansion located in the English countryside, only an hour away from Manchester. It has a scenic panoramic view, as it is surrounded by nothing but Mother Nature in all its glory. Green valleys stretched out as far as the eye can see, in the distance a flock of sheep is eating grass and all you can hear are the birds singing their peaceful tunes.

Inside the astonishing mansion (which has several master bedrooms and also includes a tennis court) the Dutch and Belgium press members are eagerly waiting for their exclusive peek behind the scenes. The entire cast and crew is present, which makes the good-hearted owner of the mansion a bit nervous given that he has OCD and now has to house quite a lot of people. Everyone in the house is walking around on their socks and we all can’t wait for the production to start. We’re all thrilled, anxious to what we will see and how everything will proceed. It clearly helps that we’re already walking around on our socks, because everyone is in good spirits. Porna is fun!

Kai Taylor and Lola Marie get it on in the kitchen.

The entire production takes 4 days and there’s a tight schedule to film both the narrative and sex scenes. On this particular press day, it’s all about the girls. First they get their make-up done by the lovely Kitty, who often works with director DiSanto. She’s not used to the natural looks she creates on the girls: “With porn productions the female performers always have tons of glamorous make-up on, so this is new for me. But I do love the natural looks, it’s still glamorous, but not in an over-the-top way.” Kaat nods in approval: “To me this sort of make-up just fits with the story. The girls are beautiful as they are, so for this production they don’t need a glamorous porn look at all.”

Ella Hughes, Stella Cox, Lola Marie and Lucia Love looking gorgeous in their natural make-up looks. 

Director DiSanto and Kaat are walking around, talking with the female performers and giving them instructions on for their acting scenes. The girls, all looking gorgeous in their carefully selected outfits, are chatting, eating and they really look like a group of close friends on camera. It later turns out all the performers know each other, as most of them are based in England. Ella Hughes: “I know Sam (Bourne) quite well, we’ve worked with each other before! Our scene together yesterday went very well, it’s always fun to work with him.”

Sam Bourne and Ella Hughes always enjoy working together. 

Meanwhile the press is interviewing all the performers. One of the editors of a famous Belgium women’s magazine is having the time of her life, as she asks Luke Hotrod some steamy questions in front of a camera, while sitting on his lap. Another editor is asking the owner of the mansion tons of questions and laughs out loud every now and then. It turns out that the mansion is hired for porn productions on a regular base, even though the owner has OCD. He tells the editor: “Brazzers was shooting a production here, and they were working with Danny D., one of the most well-hung actors in the industry. When the scene came to an end, the girl went down on her knees for the ‘money shot.’ He was supposed to come in her mouth, but in the heat of the moment he actually missed her and his cum landed yards away, all over my carpet. I looked at Keiran Lee, who’s production this was. He had to hold his laugh and just said ‘oops.’ Well, things like that happen.” In a later conversation with Dusk, the friendly owner explains that he’s always present on set and just want to keep control over his house, as he wants to ensure that it’s treated with respect. So whenever a sex scene comes to an end, he’s standby in the room with cloths for cum. Everything to keep the house spotless…

Luke Hotrod and Lucia Love doing a different kind of ball-game at the tennis court.

After shooting the storylines scenes, it’s finally time for some action in the huge bathroom, as Stella Cox and Lucia Love get themselves ready for their girl-girl sex scene. Everyone is excited and they all rush to the bathroom, where a bathtub filled with water and foam awaits. Before the girls start, director DiSanto and Kaat give them some final instructions. In the meantime, the press members are having a great time, clicking their cameras at high speed while finally seeing some real action. It’s surprising how at ease these girls are with each other. Their chemistry is off the chart and it looks refreshingly natural. Even with more than 10 people in the bathroom and on full-display, Stella and Lucia make their sex scene look like a walk in park: smooth and sexy as fuck. These girls are pro’s, that’s for sure. But standing in front of them, while they’re getting busy caressing each other’s breasts and kissing passionately, is both weird and awesome.

Stella Cox and Lucia Love get wet in the bathtub together. 

After enjoying the steamy moments, the girls go on a short break and the press members leave. Every single one of them is smiling: the editors and photographers are happy with this experience and while they’re putting their shoes and coats on, shooting continues inside the mansion. The peaceful silence is now replaced by sensual moans from the bathroom. Luckily, the owner doesn’t need to standby with a cloth today. It’s a girls’ getaway after all…

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