Are women into men that look like their father?

Are women into men that look like their father?

By Sabine, 18.10.2021

It sounds gross and ofcourse we will never admit it, but in theory it’s not so crazy. And it’s true. Want to know why? Read on! 

Your brain

The behavior that makes you fall for guys that look like your father is related to the Electra complex, sextherapist claim. Your idea of the ideal relationship is shaped in your childhood, by all the information that is presented to you. Your parents’ relationship is the most important aspect. When you go out into the world to find a lover, you will prefer men who look like your father. According to relationship expert Dr. Judith Wright, your mind is subconsciously searching for familiar and thus comfortable emotion. The same comfort you remember from when you were growing up. It’s also to do with the fact that in most cases your father is the first person of the opposite sex you will meet. 


Of course you don’t fill in all your fathers traits when you search for a new guy through your dating app. But subconsciously you will like the guys that are like your father better. Even if you don’t have a good relationship with your father. If you grew up without a father you will try to fill in the gap with an older man. Do you have a good relationship with your father (or did you while growing up)? Good news: you will have a better chance in having a successful, romantic and emotionally stronger relationship with other men. 

Not bad

So realising your hook up or boyfriend looks so much like your dad is not a hot one. But it’s not so bad either. They could have the same good qualities too!

Traits or appearances?

You won’t date your fathers lookalike. Right? But subconsciously you will search for aspects of the familiar appearance, this is what researchers of the University of Pècs in Hungary found out. Especially the nose and eyes of your partner will look the same. You also take your fathers face as a sort of example in your search for a partner. This has to do with your familiarity, it gives a familiar comfortable feeling you subconsciously search for. 

What if you like the same sex?

Not all women are into men. So what about gay women and their dads? The studies only find a relation between hetero women and their dads. There is also no relation between a woman finding a female partner who looks like her mom. Same goes for gay guys and their dads. We subconsciously take something from our dads and moms, your moms qualities are very important too. 

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