Study: Couples Who Sleep In Separate Beds Have More Sex

Study: Couples Who Sleep In Separate Beds Have More Sex

By Rebecca, 21.10.2019

If your partner tosses and turns during the night, snores loudly, or keeps you up with running legs or sleep talking – there is a solution that might even help your sex life. 

It turns out that sleeping in separate beds might increase your hours of sleep and your frequency (and enjoyment) of sex. 

In a British study of 2,000 couples, more than one third of couples who did not share a bedroom claimed to have better sex – and more frequently, too!

In the same study, it was reported that 40 per cent of British couples sleep in separate beds, due to loud snoring, different sleep schedules, or other reasons. You might not be too surprised to find out snoring accounts for 51 per cent of those couples sleeping apart. 

The benefits to sleeping apart don’t only entail a more enjoyable sex life – it was also reported that 38 per cent thought it improved their overall relationship. 

While it might seem contradictory to sleep in separate rooms to improve a relationship, it most likely has to do with getting a better night’s rest. Getting enough sleep can improve mood as well as increase sexual desire. If your partner makes too much noise or moves around too much, they can really take away from your hours of sleep, which will make you less in the mood to have sex. 

Unfortunately for some, sleeping separately did not lead to increased sex. In the study, 24 per cent of couples that slept apart said they had less sex because of the separation. If you need to sleep apart for any reason, make sure to continue snuggling each other every day before bed and scheduling in time for sex. If you’re not next to each other every night, it can be easy to fall into a pattern that reduces your intimacy, so make sure you are actively working against that. 

Work schedules and late-night/early-morning tendencies can’t always be changed to be more conducive to co-sleeping. However, there are tips and treatments to reduce the amount of snoring. Nasal strips, setting up pillows so someone can only sleep on their side, losing weight, and other tips can help reduce snoring. Intense snoring or gasping sounds can be an indication of something more serious, so make sure to tell your doctor about it. 

It is the social norm that couples must sleep in the same bed – and that sleeping in separate beds indicates relationship problems. However, each couple is different and there should be no shame associated with sleeping separately if it overall helps your relationship. 

Basically, as long as you are getting the sleep that you need and everyone is happy – keep doing what works for you! At least now you know you’re not alone!

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