Why do people kiss?

Why do people kiss?

By Janna, 25.09.2023

Okay, let’s tell it like it is, kissing is just fantastic. It’s like a universal language of affection, a way to express your deepest feelings for someone without saying a single word. But why does kissing feel so good and what are the advantages?

Biological instinct

Kissing is not just something we’ve pulled out of thin air. It’s deeply rooted in our biology. When we kiss, we send all kinds of signals to our brain and body. Our lips are super sensitive and packed with nerve endings. When they get in contact with someone else’s lips, this sends a flood of sensations through our bodies.

Dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin – oh my!

What happens next is almost magical. The brain starts to release dopamine – which we call the ‘lucky hormone’. You literally feel happier and hornier because of it. Serotonin – the feel-good hormone – also starts flowing, making you feel even higher on cloud nine. And, as if that wasn’t not enough, oxytocin – the cuddle hormone – is released in large quantities. This hormone plays a crucial part in establishing an emotional bond and trust.

Kissing as stress relief

But kissing does more than just improve your mood. It reduces stress considerably. When you feel stressed, a good kiss can help you to relax and calm down. It lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which makes you feel calmer and this is beneficial to your immune system too!

The power of connection

Kissing is also a form of connecting. It’s a way of being intimate, even if you’re not at the stage of getting into bed with each other yet. It can help you to build a deeper bond with your partner and to confirm and strengthen that bond. Or you can consider it a compatibility test. When you kiss someone, you quickly feel whether there’s a sexual connection. If your lips and tongues do not really get along, it’s unlikely that you will have great sex together.

A workout for your facial muscles

Another nice extra; kissing is actually a kind of workout for your facial muscles. It keeps your lips and face in shape, and can even burn calories (okay, not enough to cancel your gym membership, but still!).

What it comes down to

So, why do we kiss? Because it feels so damn good, makes us happy and reduces stress. Plus, it’s a way to make a deep intimate connection with someone and it’s just fun! So, don’t skip kissing when you dive into bed with your partner, but take your time and enjoy such a wonderful moment.

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