What is Praise kink?

What is Praise kink?

By Janna, 21.08.2023

‘Praise kink’ is a term used to describe a sexual preference or fetish of someone who gets excited or is sexually aroused by receiving praise, compliments or positive words from their partner or loved one. This can vary from the desire for words of appreciation and admiration to enjoying compliments during intimate moments.

Everyone is different

Kinks and sexual preferences are very personal, so vary from person to person. A praise kink is a fairly common preference, but, as with any fetish, not everybody gets aroused by it. This preference occurs with both men and women, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. It’s a common misconception that only women are sensitive to compliments. This is simply not the case, as both men and women can enjoy their fair share of flattery.

Praise kink in the bedroom

If your partner has a praise kink, there are various fun ways to play around with this during sex or as foreplay.

Verbal encouragement: During intimate moments you can use compliments and praise to stimulate and encourage your partner. You can, for example, say how great they look or how happy you are about being together. What sounds exaggerated to you, is actually very pleasant and arousing for someone with a praise kink.

Dirty talk: Give compliments, but make it dirty. Whisper in your partner’s ear how horny sex with them makes you. Moan how good it feels when you make love. Shout your partner’s name when you climax and let them know how aroused you get from seeing and feeling their body.

Communication: Discuss your partner’s praise kink together. Ask what kind of compliments your lover likes to hear most. Everyone has different preferences, so it’s important to know what specifically appeals to your partner.

Non-verbal communication: In addition to verbal praise, you can also use non-verbal cues such as eye contact, touching and smiling, to show your affection and appreciation. For many people with a real praise kink non-verbal communication alone is not enough, but it can be a good addition to your sweet words of praise.

Role-play: You can get into role-playing games with a main focus on praise and appreciation. You can, for example, consider a boss-employee scenario where the boss praises their employee for good work. 

Communication is key

If your partner has a praise kink, it’s important to openly and respectfully discuss each other’s boundaries and desires. Naturally, the goal is a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship in which both partners feel comfortable and appreciated. By listening to each other, with as little judgement as possible, you can create a fulfilling relationship in which both partners can optimally enjoy each other, both in and outside the bedroom.

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