Must! A pillow during sex

Must! A pillow during sex

By Janna, 06.06.2024

In a time where self-love and sexual discovery are key, sex pillows have quietly grown to become the stars of the bedroom. But what makes these seemingly mundane pillows so irresistible? Let’s delve into the phenomenon of sex pillows and discover why they are an absolute game changer in the world of intimacy.

What are they?

Sex pillows, also known as intimate pillows, are exactly what their name suggests: pillows designed to improve your sexual experience. They come in different shapes and sizes, from wedges to slopes, made from sturdy material to offer support during intimate activities. The goal? Comfort, convenience and new possibilities in the bedroom.

Yay or nay?

Yay! The secret behind the success of sex pillows is that they allow you to push the boundaries of pleasure. Because they help you to position your body in the right way, they relieve pressure points and allow deeper penetration. Not only does this result in more comfortable and more satisfactory experiences, but it also opens the door to new sexual adventures.

Different types of sex pillows

  1. The Wedge: this triangle pillow is a classic and is often used to elevate the hips or butt for a better angle during the deed.
  2. The Slope: with its elongated triangular shape, the slope pillow helps to support your body, making challenging positions much easier. Ideal if you and your partner have different heights!
  3. The Half Moon: this pillow in the shape of a half-moon can serve its purpose by offering support during positions like doggy-style. Place the flat part on the bed and let the pillow support your hips for a comfortable experience.
  4. The Cylinder: with its sturdy, elongated shape, this pillow adds an extra dimension to your movements. It can induce a rolling sensation during various positions or simply provide support to your knees or hips.
  5. The Inflatable Pillow: these pillows, usually in the shape of a wedge or half-moon, are perfect for on the go and easy on your wallet. Super handy if you want to take your adventures outside the bedroom!

Why you should try them

Sex pillows are not only for adventurous types; they’re suitable for anyone who wants more pleasure and connection in their intimate life. With the comfort and convenience they provide, you can completely surrender to the moment and let the passion flow.

And, what’s more, sex pillows are not only for the bedroom! You can also use them for comfort during your yoga or meditation sessions. With their ergonomic design they are ideal for all kinds of activities, offering support and helping to position your body in the right way.

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