This is why you want to use a butt plug

This is why you want to use a butt plug

By Janna, 22.05.2023

Whether you dive into bed with a man or a woman, butt plugs are for everyone. Maybe you don’t want to have anything to do with any backdoor action, which is totally fine of course. It could be you are actually curious, but also still a little too nervous about anal sex. In that case, using a butt plug is a nice first step, as it can bring your sex party to a higher level! We understand that it may feel a bit exciting and unfamiliar, so we listed the advantages for you here. Are you curious? Just stay with us.


Using a butt plug is a good preparation for anal sex. You may want to purchase a butt plug for practical reasons, but don’t pigeonhole the butt plug too quickly. Even if you have no intention of taking the step to anal sex, a butt plug can be an enjoyable addition to your sex party.


Butt plugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There really is something for everyone, there’s plenty of choice. You can choose to start small, and build your way up. You can go for a vibrating, or even thrusting effect! It’s all yours

Double penetration

Do you like double penetration, or has it been on your wish list for some time already while you’re not in for a threesome… then the use of a butt plug offers a good solution. You insert a butt plug before starting vaginal penetration. Because of the movement during sex, the plug will subtly move back and forth too, making the sex feel like double penetration. So, you keep things easy and low-key experimenting this way! 


Most sex toys have to be held, or at least have to be put back in position occasionally during sex. With a butt plug this isn’t the case. Once you’ve inserted it, the toy just stays put. And most of the times, it’s not necessary to operate it either. Which leaves your hands free to do other things, if you know what we mean … 


Okay, admittedly: you won’t really get tighter by using a butt plug, but your vagina will feel tighter though! An inserted butt plug causes the pelvic muscles to tighten. And unconsciously this will make your vagina contract a little too, which does make it feel tighter for your partner. During penetration, he can feel the butt plug through your skin. Especially if you opt for a vibrating version, this will not go unnoticed. 


The final reason why you want to use a butt plug is to bring your orgasm to the next level. A lot of nerve endings are situated around the anus, making it a pretty sensitive spot! Thanks to all these nerve endings, and their stimulation with a butt plug, you can experience a more intense orgasm than usual.
All-in-all, using a butt plug can be a thrilling experiment! So, enough reason to get on board and enjoy the ride.

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