Candy at Christmas

Candy at Christmas

By Emmeline Peaches, 21.12.2023

It’s not long until Christmas now, or the other festive occasions of December and sweet treats are presented to us everywhere.

Iconic among them is the red and white candy cane. It’s striking spiraling form is contrasted perfectly against its firm and curved rod. With such a prominent ‘handle’ section and such a clear straight shaft many people would be forgiven for thinking that that it was playfully intended for something a tad more…intimate in nature.

Unfortunately doing so would be a bit of a disaster.

Why Candy Is A Sexual No-Go

Most of us have been tempted to use sweet or sugary items as sexual play things at some point. There’s something just unendingly appealing about combining two different appetites in to one delicious action of erotic exploration.

Unfortunately, the body has its own things to say when it comes to sex and sugary items and that is usually “Keep them the heck away from me.”

If left to their own devices our bodies are pretty clever at self-regulating so that they’re constantly in a healthy balance. This state is called homeostasis and we really do like to keep it that way.

However, if any unwanted items such as bacteria or viruses get in to the body then this homeostasis can be easily disrupted with negative consequences.

This is often the case when sugar enters intimate areas because those spaces really aren’t meant to contain the sugar and other chemicals that come in food.

The result can be yeast infections, urinary tract infections, irritation, or similar. All of which are a huge no-go for anyone and will often require medical intervention (especially when it comes to infections).

What’s A Candy Lover To Do?

For those with a sweet tooth or a love of all things candy cane this might be disappointing news, but thankfully there are alternative ways to enjoy a sugary treat or a saccharine-inspired celebration over the festive season.

Here are just a few that we recommend:

Invest In Some Flavored Products

Just because actual sweets are off-limits doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives.

Most companies now offer up flavored products which are specifically made to mimic many different food items, including candy, and other sweets.

These often come in the form of lubricants, massage oils, and gels but you can also get things such and sexual candies which can specifically be used during sexual activities.

Just make sure that these items are actually made for sex and not just sex-shaped novelty items; There is still a difference.

Pick the right items and some of them will even be festive themed. For example, some companies will release ginger bread and candy cane flavored lubricants – ideal for the season!

Use Candy As A Pre-Tease

It’s not suitable to use food items, especially candy, on one’s intimate areas. However, there’s nothing to stop you from playing with food in erotic ways before stripping down. Having your cake and eating it too, as it were.

Sampling chocolate dipped strawberries, licking small sweets off each other’s stomachs, swapping a lollipop or using it as a hint for things to come during some pre-sex banter; all of these are valid ways to bring a little bit of sweetness in to the bedroom without getting it close to any questionable areas.

Dress To Impress

Then again, perhaps there’s no reason to involve sweet in the bedroom at all. At least not directly.

If you cannot insert a candy cane or an advent calendar delight then why not become one instead?

There are some incredibly creative (and alluring) adult items out there, with a fair few of them embracing the Christmas spirit and taking up a sweet appeal of their own.

Candy cane leggings are of special appeal.

The swirling rich redness of a candy cane itself is even more appealing and alluring when it comes to a moving pair of sweet delicate stockings, worn by an even sweeter individual.

The Takeaway

Many of us find deep and happy indulgences in the alluring indulgences of a sweet treat and to not be able to translate that in to the bedroom would be an unthinkable shame.

Thankfully the above suggestions will help you bring a little bit of candy in to your adult activities, not just for Christmas but all year round!

We hope you take these suggestions to heart and enjoy them in the coming weeks and months. It’s time to indulge your sweet tooth.

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