6 sexy date ideas to spice up your lovelife

6 sexy date ideas to spice up your lovelife

By Sabine, 19.05.2020

It’s very important to have enough love and passion in your relationship. But we all know that after a year or so, the passion tends to fade out. Before you know it you are stuck in a rut, spending every friday night watching a movie at home. It’s nice and cosy, but it can get boring soon. Why don’t you break loose and surprise your lover with a hot date! An adventurous date can really spice up your sexlife. Why don’t you try one of our ideas to bring back the passion in your relationship!

1. A lingerie dinner 
Wear some of  your best lingerie-include some heels and suspenders- and create a delicious meal for your lover. Create a whole show of the way you are serving it. Rub your breasts against his back while pouring him the wine. If your hottie sees you parading around in your lingerie, the meal won’t be the only thing he will devour that night! 

2. Nude painting
Create a sexy atmosphere by lighting some candles and putting on some sexy music. Then undress yourself and your partner and capture each other’s naked bodies on the canvas. Exchange naughty looks while peeking at his genitals. Let him know you want him. After his brush captures your beautiful shapes he will want to capture your body with his hands too.

3. Casino
A night in a casino can be really exciting and stimulating. Make sure you are both dressed to impress and pretend you’re lead characters in a Hollywood movie. Gambling in a casino there are winners and losers, why don’t you make it extra exciting by promising each other that the winner will be oral pleasured by the loser. If you both lose it’s still a win-win situation! 

4. Erotic couples massage
Invite your partner to an erotic couples massage and enjoy the skilled hands of the erotic masseuse. Enjoy this unique and sensual experience together and you might even choose to have a happy ending.

5. Read an erotic book together
Have your tried reading an erotic book together? Create a romantic setting, choose a starry night or get in the tub together. Be inspired by what you read, talk about your favorite sexy scene. 

6. Afrodisiac on the menu
Find some restaurants online that serve various aphrodisiacs and create a tasting adventure. Enjoying some sensual bites can really increase your lovers sexual appetite! He might have you for dessert!

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