How to Incorporate Blindfolds in the Bedroom

How to Incorporate Blindfolds in the Bedroom

By Rebecca, 26.09.2019

Blindfolds are a small piece of fabric that can make a big difference!

If you’re looking to experiment in the bedroom, then blindfolds are an excellent option. They aren’t necessarily as intimidating as experimenting with other objects and they are easy to remove if you aren’t enjoying the experience. 

The fun part about blindfolds is that it causes sensory deprivation. You eliminate the sense of sight, which can heighten your other senses like touch and hearing.

You don’t even need to go out and buy a specific blindfold to experiment with. Using a sleeping mask or a scarf can work. Make sure to tie the fabric comfortably. As always, make sure to discuss all concerns with your partner and establish a safe word if you feel that is appropriate.

There are also several ways that you can incorporate one or two (or more!) blindfolds in the bedroom. Below are a few of the ways you can experiment with fabric!

1. Eat Some Food
No, really… eat some food! Blindfolding someone is all about trust. One excellent and sensual way of building up this trust is feeding each other. Focus on sweet foods (often cliché foods) like chocolate and strawberries. Feed each other romantically and make sure to focus on the tastes and textures of the food. Not being able to see what you’re being fed makes this an excitement game to play. Then, once some trust and anticipation is built up, you can make your way to the bedroom.

2. Give a Lap Dance
Blindfold your partner and perform a lap dance for them! If you’ve ever been shy about performing for your partner, then a simple solution is to make sure they can’t see you! Turn on some music and tease them with a sensual dance. It is up to you if you want to tie back their hands or not. All that grinding is going to build some serious sexual tension.

3. Blindfold and Grind
This is fun to do if you are both wearing a blindfold. Keep your clothes on (or just your underwear), place blindfolds and then grind against each other. You can caress, kiss, hump, grind… however you want to express your passion. Not being able to see each other will make it more interesting and build up anticipation. If you’re used to having sex in the pitch dark, then maybe this isn’t the perfect thing for you. However, you can still take this opportunity to tease each other with clothes on.

4. Tie Them Up
Blindfold your partner and tie up their arms or legs or both. You suddenly get control over their bodies without them knowing what you’re going to do or touch next. Obviously, get consent beforehand so that you know what their boundaries and limits are. Once you’re both comfortable and have established what is okay, then you can surprise them within that realm. Change from body kisses to licking their arms to giving oral to sitting on their face. You’re in total control of the situation.

5. Flip It
On the other side of things, you can blindfold your partner and tell them what to do. This can be a great way of reversing roles. If someone is used to being more submissive, then flip it around and try being more dominant. It might be easier with the partner being blindfolded! This can also be a great opportunity to teach your partner what you enjoy (example: by directing oral sex). Of course, make sure to discuss beforehand what is okay and what is off limits. Establish a system for both people to convey if they are okay or not.

6. Remove Another Sense
If you’re enjoying the sensory deprivation that a blindfold provides, you can always remove another sense by using earplugs. When you limit both sight and sound, you can enhance the sensation of touch. You can use some of the ideas above or you can experiment with texture accessories. This can include things like feather, fabrics, play-safe wax, etc.

Have you ever used a blindfold? Do you prefer it on yourself or on your partner or both? Let us know!

Rebecca Dane

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