How to escape the quarantaine rut

How to escape the quarantaine rut

By Sabine, 10.09.2020

Do you feel like staying at home this much has gotten you stuck in a rut? Has your sex life slowly been diminshed into a boring routine and are you yearning for some excitement? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you! Everybody understands that the current situation is not beneficial for your sex life. Here are some tips and tricks to bring the sexy back into your relationship.

How to get stuck in a rut
Do you remember the huge crush you had on each other when you just started dating? Sex was a journey full of delicious discoveries and you reconnected more and more each day. The first rush is gone now, and although the love for each other has only become deeper, the sparks have gone. And now that you are together 24/7 you can get in each other’s way. The scare of catching the virus can give you additional stress, what doesnt’t help when you have sex. It might even feel like you are playing the same song again and again. It’s a hit song, but you can get tired of it after a while. Maybe sex has become something you put on your to do list. Something you still have to check off.  Don’t worry about that. Each couple faces the famous rut. There are a lot of ways to break out of it and get back to the hot sex you use to have! 

Escaping the rut
Here are a few tips you can follow up to break this routine. Start by discussing it with your partner. Find out if they feel the same way. You have never had so much time to spend together, so take the time to make plans and fight the rut together. Plan to do sexy stuff together. It might not seem very sexy to schedule and plan sex stuff, but it will be nice to have something to look forward to. And isn’t that something we all want, something to long for and look forward to? 

Plan a sex date to try new toys, new positions, or even (new) roleplay. Express your fantasies and make them come true. And prepare for it by laying out your best lingerie to surprise your partner with. And most important: have fun together! Spoil each other and make a party out of it. Try something different. 

Surprise your partner
Another fun way to escape the rut is to surprise your partner! If you go for this option you might not want to share your bored feelings with them beforehand. First surprise them, then use the opportunity to start a conversation about the rut. And have some propositions ready on how to break out of it. 

Surprising your partner can be something like preparing for a striptease and then seducing them when they least expect it. Let them be surprised by your sexiness. Seduce them when they are busy working by leaving a note to come to the shower soon, because there’s something hot and steaming awaiting them. Is this too far out of your comfort zone? Then you should try it!  This opens new doors, for you too. It might be the start of something new and exciting! It should be a bit exciting. By being a bit more naughty, your adrenaline will go up and that means the sex will be better too! Try the rush of something new and it will be like you are new lovers again!

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