4 ways to enjoy sex even more

4 ways to enjoy sex even more

By Sabine, 10.01.2022

“Must not forget to do my laundry!”, “I really need to clear out the dishwasher”, “Do I look good from this angle?”. These thoughts are going through our minds daily. But it’s not so funny when they pop up in your head while having sex. We love to help you out with these ways to enjoy sex to the fullest.  


A study by sexual health centre Rutgers concluded that 27% of the women experience problems in getting aroused or having an orgasm. One of the causes might be physical, like long term stress. But most of it is caused by our minds, our thoughts. There’s also a chance we just aim too high, we want everything to be perfect. The more you think about that, the less you enjoy your sexual experience. What a waste that is! Sex can be so much fun and delicious. 


The most important tip is to relax. The key to every orgasm and also the enjoyment of sex. Is your head filled with thoughts and to-do lists? Talk about it with your partner or call a friend. Take the time to realise what you need to relax. Maybe a warm bath will help. Or have a glass of wine, curl up under a blanket with a book. Maybe your partner can help you out with a relaxing massage. Think about what you need and talk about it. Let your lover know how to help you out! 


Do you know what turns you on? Yes? Well, good for you, use this! Are you not sure? Let’s find out. You might be the romantic type, and lit candles and soft music will do the trick. Maybe you love to be seduced by your partner. Are there movies or shows that turn you on? Porn maybe? Masturbation can help too. When you’re having sex with yourself you don’t have to think about your partner and just focus on your own pleasure. 


Do you fail to reach that climax? A sextoy might help you! We know that sex is not about having orgasms, but still, it can really be fulfilling. It can also be nice and exciting to try out a toy, so why don’t you grab one when you ‘r having sex with your partner. Or search for a couples toy! 


Try some mindfulness during sex. Take all your thoughts on house chores, to do lists and other things and put them aside. Those thoughts can really kill the mood. It’s important to focus on the sex when you are having it, using all your senses. Be in your body, not in your head. What are you feeling, seeing, smelling, tasting? Mind your senses and try to be in the moment. It doesn’t matter if a thought pops up anyway, let it pass. Then focus on your own body, and your lovers. Good luck, and good sex! 

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