Hot positions for the cold months

Hot positions for the cold months

By Janna, 08.01.2024

In the cold, dark winter months, there’s nothing like the warm feel of your partner’s body pressed against yours. As outside temperatures drop and dusk sets in early, it’s just a little more tempting to settle in early and go up the bedroom together. Since the bedroom temperature probably makes you want to stay under the covers, we share some hot positions that are perfect for keeping you warm during a good sex session.

1. Spooning under the sheets

Spooning is an intimate position in which you and your partner are both on your sides facing away from each other, your bodies close together. This position provides warmth and coziness, perfect for winter. Lying together like this, especially the “outer spoon” has all the space to caress and kiss. Convenient extra: the sheets keep your feet warm, which makes it easier to reach climax. Ideal!

2. Cozy Koala

In this wintry sex position, let’s call it the “Cozy Koala”, you take the fetus position, with your butt up. Your partner lies on top of you, hugging you like a teddy bear. This position makes you feel warm and protected. The ‘’bear” in this position can easily wrap the covers around himself.

3. Warm shower

This could have been a nice name for a sex position, but in this case it’s not. Because a warm shower is simply a great idea if you’re cold. Many find the sensation of the warm water on their skin a sexy extra. Add a fragrant oil and you have all the ingredients for a sexy shower session. Small downside is that the shower water might rinse away some vaginal fluid, which you can avoid by clever positioning.

4. The fireplace 

You can adopt this position in front of a fireplace or other heating element. One of you sits on a chair or couch while the other sits on the first person’s lap, with legs wrapped around them. This intimate position offers physical warmth and the opportunity to take time to lock eyes and kiss.

    5. Cozy Cowgirl 

    When the cold is so intense your nipples are freezing, sitting on top is probably the last thing you have in mind for sex. However, with a small adjustment, this position is very suitable. Instead of sitting upright, you lie flat on top of your partner placing your elbows on either side of their face. You can set the pace, pay extra attention to your clit and comfortably pull the covers over your shoulders.

    Enough inspiration to turn the cozy winter into a hot sex session. And in this season, we can often take a bit more time for it too. Enjoy!

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