The Strongest Shape: part 8
Erotic story

The Strongest Shape: part 8

By Victoria, 02.11.2019

As it turned out, the simultaneous penetration from Rebekah and Alfred, or rather attempt thereof, had proven to be incredibly difficult. For a short moment, they succeeded, but the scene quickly had turned from erotic to humorous. After a long laughing fit they had felt more like cuddling and spent the rest of the night in nudity on the carpet in front of the couch. The evening was still considered a success, for a moment society’s judgement was exiled, and they felt perfect and complete. 

     “I have to be honest; I never thought one could be in love with two people at once,” Karen revealed, “I mean actually in love.” 

     The cat had situated itself neatly on Karen’s naked belly, its paws tucked in under itself and purring with contentment. 

     Alfred stroked the cat’s head, “I think I am finally really starting to understand the power of love. It’s not this finite source that you have to share between yourself and the people around you,” his hand reached up to the sky, “it’s infinite, and we just access more of it!” 

    Rebekah laughed. She was happy she had found people that understood her and were able to expand the love vibration. Her head rested on Karen’s shoulder, and she started stroking the cat too, “and you, we love the most.” 

     Eventually, one shortly after the other, all four of them fell asleep. 

In the days that followed, they were all incredibly busy and barely had any opportunity to spend time with each other. Work and various social engagements had taken up nearly all of the time. Even though they were very regularly sharing a bed, Rebekah missed them. It was clear to her they needed to make time for each other, and she had planned a romantic evening for the triangle

Meet me at 8 PM at the other apartment. We are going on holiday together. She had sent into their chat group called “The Strongest Shape”. 

Alfred and Karen were together when they received the message, and both immediately open their calendars to check their availability. 

Alfred looked at Karen, “obviously she knew already were are both free. Let’s do it. It feels like ages ago since we spend some quality time together. 

Karen smirked, her mind already immersed in the thoughts of their sexual adventure with their newly acquired sex toy. She felt herself getting aroused and when Alfred left the house shortly after, she masturbated with the fantasy images in her head.

Rebekah was an utter romantic with an eye for detail. She adored amazing surprise, both giving them and receiving them but was equally able to enjoy the simple things in life. She had spent a long time in the kitchen preparing her famous vegan pizza and had filled the apartment with candles and had dimmed the light. When Alfred and Karen jointly arrived, they were stunned anew by Rebekah’s beauty. It was as if they saw her for the first time. The butterflies never seemed to settle down. 

For Karen, the dinner seemed to take forever. She was anxious to release the butterflies into the wild. She could not wait to continue with the experimentation of their newly added purple penetration device. She wanted to try it out herself and use it on Rebekah and probably on Alfred as well. The thought made her quiver. 

“What is going on, Karen,” Rebekah inquired laughingly. 

“I’m sorry. Okay, I’m just going to come out with it; I’ve just been so horny since days already. Now

I can’t concentrate anymore,”

Rebekah smiled, got up from her chair and walked over to Karen. She started massaging her neck and shoulders, “So, tell us, what nasty thoughts have been occupying your mind?”

Karen sighed deeply, “I want to fuck you, the both of you. I want to get as deep inside as possible. I want to hear the screams of your pleasure.”

The words instantly put Alfred and Rebekah at the same state of arousal, and their bodies acted accordingly. Alfred could feel himself getting hard, and Rebekah could feel herself getting wet. 

Alfred had never been that open to receiving anal penetration, but Rebekah’s accounts of the intensity of orgasms she had witnessed in men had opened his mind for the possibility. As she had done with other aspects of life. Tonight he felt willing to experience a sexual novelty. He got up as well and walked over to his ladies and started undressing them. As soon as they all were naked, Rebekah went to get the purple pleasure stick and held it triumphantly in her hands. 

She got down on one knee in front of Rebekah, “May I?” she asked and helped Karen with the insertion of the strapless strap-on. 

Karen looked sheepishly down at her newly acquired extension and wiggled it around for a bit. 

“So, how does that feel?” Alfred asked. 

“Strangely pleasant. It kind of feels like it is part of me.”

Alfred inspected her further. He could sense a more masculine side rising towards the surface. The dynamics were shifting, and he knew he was going to enjoy every last bit of what was going to happen. However, he first wanted to see how she would fuck Rebekah and gestured them to get closer to each other. Karen found, and immediately appreciated, a dominance and made Rebekah experience it promptly. She pushed her on top of the dinner table and started inflaming her further by kissing her neck, sucking her breasts and eventually massaging her warm clit. Her body fluidly communicating it was ready. 

For a moment, Alfred was unsure if he should join the scene or merely watch it unfold. Occasionally, he enjoyed watching as much as participating. Like many men, he was very visual, but this was better than pornography could ever be. This was real. Real love, real sex. He kept his distance and quietly started exploring the undiscovered entrance behind his ball sack. 

Rebekah turned around and looked lustfully at Karen — it was time to be fucked. Karen guided the purple shaft towards her wet opening and very slowly started pushing it into Rebekah. By that time, she was not able to feel that much herself, but the idea stimulated her clit vividly. She slowly pushed deeper, putting slightly more force than the opposing tightness of Rebekah’s tunnel was creating. Consciously she sensed the advancement. The next moment the purple had vanished out of visibility and Karen gasped in astonishment. 

At that same time, Alfred had reached deeper into himself as ever before and was in equal astonishment. Both about what he felt and saw. A couple of months ago, he could not have imagined seeing his girlfriend fucking another woman with such prowess and masculinity. He loved discovering these new roles, parts and experiences. It seemed as Rebekah had opened up a whole new playing field of life and sexuality.

“Fuck me, Karen. I want to feel you deep inside of me,” Rebekah moaned intensely. 

“I am going to make you come — hard.”

Karen did as Rebekah demanded her and started moving the shaft skilfully in and out of the gorgeous body. Subsequently feeling the stimulation on her clit from the transformative device, loving every bit of it. For a moment, her mind flashed back to when the roles were reversed and she projected her mind into Rebekah’s body. Quickly, she transported back to the current moment and looked over at Alfred. His eyes were closed, and she suddenly realised what he was doing. For once, she was the dominant power in the mix. She started to feel very confident in her movements and began to increase the pace. 

“Oh yes, Karen! More of that! Please!”

It was impossible not to respond to the kind request. She concentrated and put not only more speed into the thrust but slightly more force as well. Still, she did not wished to hurt Rebekah.

“Is this okay? Tell me if I’m hurting you.”

“Oh no. This is perfect! I can take a bit more.”

Her heart was racing from both excitement and strain. She giving it all she had.  

“My breasts!” Rebekah screamed. 

Immediately Karen grabbed one of Rebekah’s breasts and started to massage the nipple forcefully. She knew that was how she liked it. 

In the meantime, Alfred had managed to find a magical spot inside himself and was confronted with sensations that were entirely new for him. His eyes fixed on the two women in action. The desire to be fucked by Karen had completely crystallised. 

“Oh, Karen, don’t stop. I’m about to come.” 

“Me too.”

Karen put all the energy she had into the movements and could feel the orgasm forming inside of her clit. She needed to focus. She needed to finish it properly. Suddenly, Rebekah’s sounds signalled she was climaxing. Karen stopped abruptly when a breath later she was too. 

“Please, fuck me too, Karen!” Alfred begged.

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