The Strongest Shape: part 4
Erotic story

The Strongest Shape: part 4

By Victoria, 08.06.2019

The tension in the room was high; all of them bewildered by what was happening. None of them could reach climax, regardless they stopped at the same instant. For a moment, only the sound of panting was present. Alfred and Karen were staring into each other eyes, afraid to look over to Rebekah, suddenly realising how deranged everything had gotten.

Rebekah realised the same. Without saying a word, she stormed out of the apartment. With widened eyes, she stood in the hallway for a while, still panting heavily. She grabbed for her heart, the chance of it to be broken, had just doubled.

Stay calm. Don’t go about projecting your fears. All of this can be something good, Rebekah thought and took some deep breaths. She decided, for now, it was best to leave Alfred and Karen with themselves, as they were probably in an equal state of shock. Surrounded by a complex cloud of confusion and love, she left the building and went home.

The urge to see her again was consuming him but all he wanted now, was to share that feeling with Karen.

Back at the apartment, it was clear there were some conversations to be held. The first thoughts were not expressed verbally. With their bodies, Alfred and Karen were conveying their confusion, love for each other, and Rebekah. Both of them were full of emotion. Rhetoric was falling short.

“What do we do, Ali?”

“Are you really falling in love with her,?”


“I can understand why.”

Alfred gently brushed over Karen’s cheek, and a smile beamed from his face. Within a very short amount of time, Rebekah had managed to give him a sense of trust. He would trust her with their relationship; he would trust her with Karen. The urge to see her again was consuming him but all he wanted now, was to share that feeling with Karen. Excitingly, they continued talking about their dreams, hopes and fears until the next morning.

Days had passed since the explosive triangle formation in Alfred’s and Karen’s apartment, and Rebekah had not heard from either of them since. Overall, she was not worried; she understood they might need some time to figure out their next move. She had passively handed over the control to the already established couple but needed to hold herself back to remain stagnant in her position. And it had been the right thing to do.

Hi Rebekah, we would really like to get to know you better. We both think you are terrific. We hope that you are still interested, even if we come in a double pack. Let us know when you are free. Love, Ali and Karen.

Rebekah’s felt joy with a double force. Yes, of course, she wanted to see them — both! She was excited as never before.

I am happy with your message. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about both of you! What about this Friday? There is an art exhibition that is quite interesting and fitting our situation. X, Bekah

Everything was incredibly new and exciting but had a calming sense of familiarity to it as well. During the days before their triangle date, they had been texting extensively with each other. Alfred had even made a chat group for them.

Karen kissed Rebekah with the utmost passion. Alfred was humbly watching the two women.

When Alfred and Karen saw Rebekah standing outside of the gallery, it made their hearts jump at the exact same moment. Her energy was intense, yet soft. When Rebekah noticed them, she ran over and greeted them with a soft kiss, not entirely on their cheeks, but not entirely on their lips either.

The art exhibition was about the fluidity and infinite shapes of love, and there was one particular painting which instantly captured the three of them. In silence, the three of them stood in front of the painting, which only consisted of different colour and sized triangles. The image it formed was that of three people, holding hands, forming yet another triangle. It was called The Strongest Shape.

Rebekah finally broke the silence, “a triangle truly is the strongest shape isn’t it?”, and grabbed Alfred’s hand on her left and Karen’s on the right.

“It seems so,” Alfred sighed and squeezed Rebekah’s hand.

After the art exhibition, they had decided to go back to Rebekah’s apartment. This decision was mainly based on logistical comfort. Alfred and Karen were both flooded with a feeling of coming home upon entering Rebekah’s space. They sat down and observed the carefully selected decoration surrounding them, while Rebekah made them tea.

“Ali, are you in love too?” Karen whispered.

“You know I am.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Rebekah chuckled.

When Rebekah had put down the cups of tea in her hand, Karen stood up and cupped Rebekah’s face in between her hands. She looked deeply into the light blue eyes. Without inhibitions, Rebekah stared back and prepared to be kissed. This time, fully conscious and in control of her actions, Karen kissed Rebekah with the utmost passion. Alfred was humbly watching the two women. He fully understood the precious beauty of femininity at that moment and remained in static appreciation.

“Tell me to stop if I am going to fast,” Rebekah stressed.

“Let’s just flow,” Karen stated and looked over to Alfred, who gave her a reaffirming look.

The women started a dance to disrobe one another, slowly, discovering the forms and skin beneath the layers. The energy kept steadily rising, the kisses and touches increasing intensity. They wanted to take it slow, as slow as possible, so every movement, touch and sentiment could be consciously absorbed with all senses. Rebekah looked over at Alfred, and it was clear she wanted to undress him as well. Dressed in nothing but arousal, the women jointly started to remove Alfred’s clothes, kissing him, kissing each other. Everything felt natural and safe.

Alfred was very conscious about Rebekah’s smell. She did not use any perfume, so the sweet, soft, flowery scent stemmed from her. He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply, he instantly got addicted to it. Alfred was also a courteous man, and when looking at his girlfriend with the other woman, he realised the moment was more between them. He saw Karen was excited, but also nervous. She should not worry about pleasing him to.

“Girls, I think this time, I’ll just be the passive observer.”

Instantly Karen felt this was the perfect setting for her, having Alfred close, sharing what she was experiencing, but not interfering. Alfred remained seated, and the women stood up, swaying around the room in each other’s arms.

Rebekah took the lead and started to kiss Karen’s body with sheer passion until they eventually seated themselves on the couch across from Alfred.

“Please, allow me,” Alfred said and placed his hand on his penis, which was hard and excited.

Rebekah remained the more dominant energy, and Karen unconsciously responded to it by laying down on her back, surrendering her body fully to Rebekah. She looked over to Alfred, who was slowly rubbing his shaft. Rebekah moved on top of her, their crotches touching. They could both feel a heated exchange of energy taking place in between their legs. It was building up, and they could already feel the climax lingering in their uteruses. Karen already felt as if she was being fucked.

He knew that face — it would only be seconds before she would come into Rebekah’s mouth.

Every touch and movement of Rebekah was filled with the utmost love and respect ¬— for both Karen and Alfred.

“You have a gorgeous girlfriend, Alfred!”

“Please, call me Ali.”

They all laughed.

“Yes, I think we are already deep within informalities,” Rebekah giggled and stared back at Karen beneath her.

“I want to kiss and lick every part of your body,” she whispered into Karen’s ear.

In that instant, Karen was already aware it would not take her long to come. Rebekah took her time, working her way to from Karen’s ear, to her neck, her chest, her breasts and nipples, her ribs, her belly, her thighs, her upper legs, her hips. She turned her body slightly around, and continued with her butt, her lower back, up her spine, to her neck again. Karen and Alfred both were going insane with the touch and sight respectively.

Alfred tried hard to stay in the current flow of energy, and not to lose himself with the movements of his hand around his dick. He felt grateful for what was happening. He had always been so admiring of women, and he felt a great need to protect them.

Rebekah turned Karen’s body back to face her. She had already managed to put Karen in a state of bliss, nearly unable to keep her eyes open and one on the spot. Finally, she moved down to Karen’s crotch, very gradually, she kissed Karen’s vagina with the same passion and gentleness as she did with her mouth previously. The pressure in perfect amount, and speed in perfect pace. Karen looked over to Alfred. He knew that face — it would only be seconds before she would come into Rebekah’s mouth. He took a deep breath and halted his masturbation. He knew it was not the only orgasm lingering inside of Karen.

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