Erotic Story: The Beachparty
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The Beachparty

By Yentl, 23.06.2022

Grose. Why is this strange chick on my towel? I’ve been gone for no more than 3 minutes and now my towel is occupied. My own towel. Next to my own guy. How rude! The female attention he’s getting usually turns me on but this is too much. 

The lady on the towel has tanned skin, dark long hair and her bikini is way too small. As soon as she notices me she jumps up and runs into the water like I would chase her cartoon style. “What’s it with you and your charm?” I ask him while sitting down with a smile on my face. “Babe, I was just lying here, my eyes were closed, and I totally thought it was you next to me until she started to talk”. I start to laugh. “What did she want?”

“I don’t know, you chased her away”. 

The same night we attend a beach party, she’s there too and I can feel her eyes burning on us. 

The music is loud and I start moving my body as sexy as I can close to his body. “Isn’t it great, going out together?”, he shouts. I laugh and nod.

I can see her watching us when I look over his shoulder. She’s smiling at us, like she did the whole day. Her smile just doesn’t disappear.

I tap his shoulder and nod in her direction. When he notices her he starts to passionately kiss me. His hands slide over my body, under my short dress, squeezing my ass tight. I want to stop him, but I can’t resist being turned on and I let him. 

When we stop kissing we both look at her. He looks at me, like he’s asking my permission and then gestures to her to come and join us. 

“Are you watching us?”,he asks as charmingly as possible. 

“You are just so hot, I get so excited watching you, I just want to be with you”. 

We are slightly surprised by her honesty, although we gathered she’s not the shy type.

After exchanging looks, he asks her if she’s ever been kissed by a girl.

“I’ve kissed some girlfriends, just for fun”. 

He looks at her and then at me. As if he’s presenting her with the opportunity. 

She hesitates, but I can see it in her eyes. She wants me.
In no time I step up to her and kiss her on the mouth. I let my fingertips run through her hair and feel her arm on my back. Her tongue chases mine and stroking my lips. It’s an agitated kiss, but not uncomfortable in any way. 

As soon as we stop he takes my hand and pushes it on his hardon. His dick is extremely hard, his penis has swollen to an enormous size in his jeans. Teasingly I pull back my hand and push her hand on the spot mine was seconds before. She looks at me a little startled and naughty too. “Would you like to join us?”, he asks her confidently. 

She nods and we leave the party. 

When we arrive at our bungalow she compliments us on how romantic the vibe is. She’s right. The holiday has been sweet romance only and I enjoyed every second of it, but now it’s time to get horny. “Thank you”, he answers, “But please do understand that there’s nothing romantic about what’s going to happen”. 

He gives her a strict but friendly look. She smiles and looks around the cabin as if she is saying goodbye to the romance while anticipating the horniness. I can feel the excitement running through my body. 

“You like watching us, don’t you?”, he asks her while he’s casually opening the buttons of his jeans. I find the same excitement in her eyes while she nods at him quickly. His jeans fall to the floor and he grabs his hardon firmly so we can enjoy the beautiful shape in his boxers. He looks down at it, wanting to guide us through the next steps. I know what I have to do. 

Driven by lust I stand before him, get on my knees and slowly get his hard cock to jump out his boxers. I can hear her sigh next to me, she’s obviously impressed. 

My tongue slides over his shaft, to his shiny tip. He uses his right hand to grab my hair, so they will be out of the way and he can determine the rhythm. Moaning, he asks her if she enjoys her view. She nods again.

“The kissing you did”, he continues, “Do it again”. He keeps me down on my knees, mouth full of dick, and when my eyes meet hers I can see her wondering how to answer his request. “Kiss with my dick in there too”, he answers the questions nobody posed. 

She kneels down next to me and smiles a bit uncomfortable while his other hand takes her hair. She bends over and her lips softly press against mine. A second later her tongue pushes in my mouth and before we know it or tongue slides over his hard dick. 

“This is so hot”, he assures us, “My view is phenomenal”. When I look up to him I notice sheer joy. 

Suddenly he pulls our head back so we have to stop sucking. He brings our heads together and watches us lose each other in a kiss. Her hands slide over my body, a sign we are taking this to another level and undress too. 

I pull my dress over my head while her skirt falls to the floor. ‘Other clothing follows. “You are so hot, so horny”.

We start giggling like we are teenagers. 

“Lay down”, he commands us, and we follow his request.

His dominant side speaks to me, like it always does. 

While she’s next to me we keep our kiss going. I grab her nipple between my fingers and start massaging. Her panting feels warm in my mouth. He climbs on the bed, opens my legs and buries his face in between. His face is so close to my most sensitive spot, it will happen now. His tongue explores my wetness and I start to moan loud. French kissing while being orally pleasured is the best experience. 

He grabs her hair and pulls her up. He pushes his lips against hers and lets his tongue go in her mouth. My mouth fills itself with her nipple. It’s hard, she’s excited, she wants us. 

“You taste that?”, he asks her after the kiss. “Yes”, she says panting.

“It tastes nice right? It’s her pussy”. 

Blushing, I watch them. I didn’t expect to be in the spotlight. She smiles and lets her eyes wander to my wet lips down there. 

“Do it”, he encourages her. 

With my hand on her hips I pull her onto me. I position her close to my face and softly lick her. She answers by exploring my clit with her tongue. 

While he grabs one of my upper legs and her hair against my heat he guides himself into me, thrusting rhythmically. French kissing and orally pleasures at the same time is hot as hell, but being likked and fucked at the same time is mindblowing. 

I take it back, strange ladies lying down on my towel when I go on a toilet break is not grose at all.

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