The Strongest Shape: part 6
Erotic story

The Strongest Shape: part 6

By Victoria, 24.08.2019

Before Rebekah can into the lives of Karen and Alfred, their sex been in between great and mind-blowing. The first time Karen had kissed Alfred, she knew this would be the case. During her lifetime, she’d somehow found a correlation between kisses and sex: A lousy kisser had always been a lousy sex partner as well. If they had washing machines for tongues, they probably had drillers for penises. Kisses, in her opinion, had to be done conscious, feeling the rhythm of the movements and the position of the control at all times. It is not something you could do alone. You need two people — at least. 

     In that way, Alfred had quickly become conscious of the fact that Karen not always enjoyed the penetrations of his penis. Sometimes he had wondered if it was merely slightly too big for her. He commented on this, ensuring her it was by no means a necessity in their act of sex. There were many ways of giving and receiving pleasure. It turned out that tribadism was what consistently helped Karen into a climax. Rubbing her clit against different parts of Alfred’s body was nearly always incredibly enjoyable. Especially, grinding Alfred’s hard shaft seemed to give both of them equal pleasure. Occasionally, it would loosen her up enough to receive him inside of her shortly after. 

     From the first moment Karen had kissed Rebekah, she was as sure as ever, she would experience the same compassionate and conscious lovemaking from her as she felt present in their kisses. She also knew both Alfred and herself would be able to provide the same for her. 

It was always hard to believe sex could get any better. She was sure they had reached full circle. The perception was shattered when they’d met Rebekah. Now, she was aware the shape could change completely — adding another point of energy —  that could triple the possibilities their physical, as well as mental, lovemaking. 

     They were at a juncture in their polyamorous triangle relationship. They had felt it — the beginning of it all. In a moment in which there was no movement, no thoughts. There was only love. They had felt like one, connected, in the strongest shape. Three beings, fully present.  

     “Wow, that was… extremely erotic,” Rebekah uttered. 

     “That was beyond amazing,” Karen added. 

     They gazed at Alfred, who just sighed and shook his head as to say, “I have no words for this.”

     Rebekah smiled, “I am happy I found you two.”

     Karen leaned forward, first kissing Rebekah, and Alfred shortly after, sensing the distinctive difference in their kisses. They were like savoury and sweet — she liked them both. 

     Rebekah knew Alfred was not nearly done, she felt his arousal poking in her back. This caused her to be in a state of heightened state of arousal as well. She kissed Karen back with even more passion, signalling their lovemaking was not over yet. She pushed Rebekah off her, onto her back, and moved on top. 

     “I think your boyfriend would like to fuck us.”

     Rebekah took control, yet immediately gave it away again, positioning herself so Alfred could easily enter from behind. Alfred breathed deeply as he slowly moved closer. He wanted always to be able to remember how it felt to the inside of Rebekah. 

Suddenly he stopped, “wait, wait, hold on. Shouldn’t we protect? Are you taking any contraception? I know Karen is.”

  “No, not taking —”

         “I mean, we should not make a baby on the first try, right?”

        “Not taking anything external. Calm down, Alfred. First of all, I got tested after I met you guys. I’m as clean as can be. Second, no I don’t put any artificial hormones inside of my body, it works perfectly without,” she paused, “I’ve been keeping track of my menstrual cycle for… let me see, the last six years and let me assure you; I’m far from ovulating.” 

        Instead of calming Alfred down, he seemed to get more panicky, “that seems like the worse contraception method.”

        “Oh god, the sexual education in this country! Please just trust me on this and look up ‘fertility awareness birth control’ on the Internet.” Rebekah said in a soft tone and turned around to complete face Alfred, “you are about to get soft again. I know what I’m doing, Ali,” lovingly she kissed him on his cheek, “I will thoroughly explain it later, okay?” 

        Karen sighed. She didn’t have any doubt Rebekah was very much capable of using this method effectively. She could not believe Alfred was letting his fear ruin the vibe but simultaneously felt a hint of appreciation for his concern. 

        “Ali, just fuck her already.”

        Rebekah returned to her position, focussed on getting back into the previous flow. When she looked down at Karen’s beautiful face, it did not take her long. Karen was looking at her with the same intensity of arousal as before, her eyes demanding her to kiss her right now. Their kisses were wild and in turn, effectively reignited Alfred’s excitement as well. It was impossible for him not to sink away in his appreciation for the two beautiful women that were as attracted to him as they were to each other. They seemed very similar yet complete opposites at the same time. Complementing each other both visually as mentally, yet both perfect. 

        Before he intended to enter, he let his finger glide over Rebekah’s lust organ, to ensure it had lubricated and joyfully prepared itself for his arrival. His finger was covered in her fluids — Rebekah was as wet as one could only imagine. 

        While continuing to stare deep into Karen’s eyes, she could feel the pleasant pressure around her entrance build and soon felt Alfred smoothly glide all the way into her. Somehow, Karen was able to feel the stimulation of their genitals inside of her own body. She wasn’t sure if it was just her mind revelling in the idea or her nerves actually sensing the energy being emitted. Either way, it made her groan loudly in unitedly with both of them. 

        “Would you let me fuck you?” Rebekah asked in between her moans. 

        “I never wanted to be fucked so badly. Yes!”

        While she concentrated on contracting her pelvic muscles around Alfred’s penis, she moved her hand in between Karen’s legs. She could feel she was equally wet as she was.  

    Gradually, the cosy apartment had filled itself with a sweet mixture of their scents and incense. This mixture of pheromones and smell of cleansed energy in the space had worked comforting on an unconscious level in both Karen and Alfred — there was no resistance inside of them. 

    Rebekah had first probed the inside of Karen’s vagina with one finger but quickly moved another one inside and started to enter repeatedly. 

    She got close to Karen’s ear, “I love making love to you. I love fucking both of you,” and started aligning the rhythm she felt inside of herself. 

    The words resonated through all of Karen’s being, creating goosebumps on every last part of her skin, eventually collecting themselves around Rebekah’s fingers. She felt incredibly close to both of them. 

    Rebekah was fully immersed in the experience, the penetration with her fingers, the conscious contractions of her pelvic muscles, and enjoyment of the whole experience required every last part of her concentration and attention. The sensation she was creating for both of them was beyond words. 

Alfred could feel another orgasm rising but desired the experience not to end so soon. He started to move slower, more sensual, and focussed his attention on his hands, with which he was tenderly massaging the muscles in Rebekah’s athletic back. He bent forward, taking in her scent, novel yet familiar. His hands moved to the front of her body, quickly uniting with her breasts. Then, he stopped the penetration completely, allowing only the feeling of Rebekah’s contractions. He could feel how strong they indeed were. 

His hand continued downwards and found her clit. Immediately, her groans got louder, her penetration and contractions became more powerful, hauling Karen and Alfred with her towards to final plateau. Rebekah was nearly lying on top of Karen, her mouth close to her ear, filling it with the sounds of her pleasure, while Alfred had increased the contact of their skin. They were moving as one being, exhilarated with lust, love, and near ecstasy. 

“Tell Karen that I love her,” Alfred whispered into Rebekah’s ear. 

She was more than willing to deliver this beautiful message. 

“Alfred loves you.”

“I love you too.”

It nearly seemed like a double message for each of them. They were the last words spoken for a long time that evening. Suddenly, Alfred could feel the contractions at their most active. They were the result of Rebekah’s orgasm and moments later he could feel his orgasm and groaned. The energy was intense and flowed through all the bodies. At the same time, Karen pulled Rebekah close to her, and everything tightened, equally, she groaned. None of them could have imagined a better first time. 

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