The Strongest Shape: part 9
Erotic story

The Strongest Shape: part 9

By Victoria, 16.11.2019

Alfred was a man relatively in touch with both his masculinity and femininity. The feminine side expressed itself in various ways. He never had difficulties finding the words to express his emotions and Karen had seen him crying on multiple occasions. He was incredibly caring towards any being he met, and his touch held a softness that could make anybody feel at ease. Especially during his sexual encounters, he had been able to make his partners feel safe and respected. Unfortunately, this had not always been the case for them with other men.  

         In his view, masculinity should articulate itself in rational thinking, a sense of responsibility, and protectiveness. In his relationship with Karen, he had always been very supportive of her desires and dreams and equally celebrated both her feminine and masculine side. They were in a healthy balance that projected in itself into their sex life but still the dynamics were a bit rigid. The desire to explore further had simple never arisen. 

         The encounter with Rebekah had changed many aspects between them, as well as individually. Being around Rebekah generally required the willingness to be reflective and sometimes even brave. Her unfiltered direct honesty was not something most people were able to deal with properly. In that way, Rebekah only had a few friends, but these relationships were incredibly strong and supportive. Both Rebekah and her environment had caused Alfred and Karen to break any fears about their identities, and the exploration of them rippled as far as their sex life.

        Karen had taken up the habit of pleasing herself again and in that way had discovered pleasures she did not know she had. Alfred had started to practice Taoist sexuality in which he gained deep insight into his sexual energy and began to be able to control it better. This to the enjoyment of both Karen and Rebekah, as he was able to keep for so much longer. Carefully, Rebekah had started communicating about the relationship between pain and pleasure and her experiences within the sadism-machoism realm. They all agreed they would be experimenting with it soon. 

         The moment Alfred had managed to find his prostate inside of himself felt something change inside. He was becoming submissive. His eyes radiated this as he watched the last parts of the orgasms ripple through the bodies of his girlfriends

        “Karen, let’s give this guy the time of his life,” Rebekah turned around and gave a vigorous kiss, “thank you. That was amazing.”

         Together they sensually strolled over to Alfred. His body was communicating he had surrendered entirely to them. Taking turns, they captured his jaw and unleashed their lips and tongues forcefully onto to his mouth. Their hands, fingertips, and occasionally nails, were gliding, running and scratching every part of his body. However, to get better access to his undiscovered treasure chest, they changed location. With Alfred in between them, they travelled towards the bedroom. The excitement was rushing through all of them. 

         Alfred was in the middle of the bed, the women’s hands still running wildly over his skins. He was excited but also slightly nervous. He took a few deep breaths and focussed on the touch. Two hands, one of Karen and one of Rebekah, started to descend towards his pulsing penis and started rubbing and massaging it. He wanted to touch them too but was immediately gestured this was not allowed. 

         “No, Ali, we are in control tonight. You just take everything in,” Rebekah stated dominantly and squeezed his nipple. 

         Karen was now also slowing making her way down with her tongue. The more she descended, the wilder Alfred got. Occasionally, she moved upwards again, making the anticipation rise. Rebekah remained focussed on Alfred’s face and was withholding him for an opportunity to look down at what was happening. 

         “Use your imagination. Let the images form in your head.”

    Rebekah knew Karen had arrived at her destination when Alfred started to make silent noises of pleasure. 

         “Don’t hold back; let it all out.”

         Finally, Alfred moans got louder. His sounds were authentic.

         While Karen was persuasively providing oral pleasure, Rebekah started to play with his testicles softly. Alfred had to put his Taoist lessons into practice, the whole scene was intensely erotic, but would, or at least should last for as long as possible. 

         Karen was utterly immersed in her act and progressed in the same manner. Rebekah shortly stroked her arm and neck, letting her know they were collaborating. Then she removed her hand from his sack and moved further downwards. Slowly, she started to play with the flesh around his anus. Alfred shivered in response  — He wanted more. 

         At that moment, they had difficulties keeping the current pace and wanted to go faster. They wanted to go harder. They all felt it. 

         “Can I put my finger in?” Rebekah asked. 

         “Yes, but get some lube.”

    They always had sufficient lubrication in both apartments. It was used for everything, as it made everything a bit smoother when needed. This could happen after a couple of hours of sexual pleasure when occasionally a vagina would be overwhelmed with providing the required natural lubrication for such an extended amount of time. However, in this case, lubrication was essential. 

         Rebekah put a bit of lubrication on her index finger. Karen’s curiosity halted her pleasure giving for a moment, and she observed closely when Rebekah let the tip of her finger glide into Alfred. Her finger vanished inside, and for a short moment, they all held their breath. Alfred could not believe how enjoyable it felt. When Rebekah started fingering him, he could not control the moans escaping from his mouth. Alfred didn’t understand why they hadn’t done this sooner. After a while, he got accustomed to the sensation and was ripe for the next step. It was Karen’s turn.

     They were not sparse with the lube and put a generous amount on the purple shaft that was about to be inserted into Alfred. Karen rubbed the lubrication all over the dildo. They did not feel the need to wash it before, as they considered themselves to be bound by fluid. 

     Karen kneeled in front of Alfred, “So, how do we do this?” she said and examined all the bodies on the bed. 

    “Ali, I think it is best if you turn around,” Rebekah suggested. 

     Alfred instantly turned around and exposing his derriere to Karen. Without further ado, Karen positioned herself close to him. It came in convenient Alfred was not the tallest man, and the size difference between Karen and him was slim. To be sure, Karen put another batch of lubrication around his entrance and started to process of entering. The moment was surreal for both of them. At first, Karen only inserted the top part of the purple shaft and repeated this until she felt a decrease in resistance. Then, she pushed slightly further and repeated that. From that moment onwards, Alfred started groaning with pleasure. 

     “This is insanely hot,” Rebekah murmured and did not fight the urge to touch herself. 

     She did not hold back her sound either, and the room filled itself with the combined sounds of all their pleasure. Karen’s eyes remained focused on the act at hand. By now, she was halfway in, and instead of going advancing more, she wanted to increase the speed. She retreated the shaft back but halted before it was completely out again. While Karen started moving more rapidly, Rebekah added even more lubrication. She wanted to be sure Alfred was in a state of pleasure. 

     “Ali, talk to me; how are you doing?” Karen inquired. 

Alfred could barely utter words, “this is… this is unbelievable,” quickly the words turned into groans again. Groans which turned the women on and compelled Karen to progress. One moment later, she was genuinely

fucking her boyfriend with the help of her girlfriend. The device was stimulating her clit just as pleasantly as it was doing when she was fucking Rebekah prior. Now she could sense the stimulation inside as well. Karen sensed an orgasm rising, and she couldn’t stop it; the whole situation was so heated.

     “Oh fuck, I think I’m coming.”

     There was some irony in the unfolding of the scene, but Karen was unable to move for a moment and out of breath, she hoped Rebekah would continue. 

     Rebekah inserted the device into herself and continued with the same dynamism as Karen did before and more. The noises out of Alfred’s mouth not only turned louder, but higher as well. 

     Karen had recovered her body and wanted to actively participate in the pleasuring of Alfred as well. She took hold of Alfred’s hard flesh and started jerking him off. After that, it didn’t take much longer. Alfred felt intense energy forming in his belly. Moments later, he experienced an orgasm so deep he hadn’t deemed possible before. He was screaming, and his body was shaking uncontrollably. It was as if witnessing a female orgasm. It was a celebration of femininity. 

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