The Strongest Shape: part 3
Erotic story

The Strongest Shape: part 3

By Victoria, 18.05.2019

Alfred was genuinely happy for Karen that she had found someone with whom she connected so well on both a physical as mental level. He hated to admit that he was slightly jealous as well, not of the other woman, but more of Karen’s experience as a whole. He was not worried about Karen’s feelings towards him. It was quite evident that she had fallen in love with him again, even deeper this time. Instead, he yearned for the same feeling. He wanted to add something to this new energetic mix. Instead, he felt surprisingly unchanged and feared his emotions would numb by the staticity was stuck in.

“Maybe this is all a big mistake,” he mumbled hopelessly to the bunch of red bananas he was holding but wasn’t planning to buy.

Whenever Alfred felt the need to think and be alone, he went to the largest supermarket in the city and lost himself in the discovery of food he had never seen before. It calmed him down. The striking red colour of the bananas reassured him that the most unexcepted things can still happen.

“I’ve heard you have to speak Spanish to these bananas for them to understand. They refuse to learn English,” the woman next to him joked. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt your moment with the bananas, you seem… very sad, and maybe need a human to talk to.”

“My girlfriend is in love with another woman.”

The young woman had laid her hand on his arm, and somehow this stranger managed to make him feel better immediately. She was beautiful, had long full dark hair, and dark blue eyes that looked like they were cut right out of jeans. He looked at the bananas and back to her again. Somehow, this moment felt like it had just pushed Alfred’s life over a threshold towards something new.

“Yeah, I know. These bananas are very stubborn, and from what I’ve heard, even lousy conversation partners in Spanish,” Alfred casually joked back. “Hi, I’m Alfred, and I’m not sad. I’m… I don’t even know how to label my current emotional state.”

                “Hi, I’m Rebekah, and I’m happy, enough to light your spirit if you’d like.” Her smile was enchanting. “Besides that, I, on the other hand, am great listener.”

                Before the new arrangement of his relationship, he would’ve never had said yes to such an inquiry, but this felt like his moment.

                “Sure, how about some of your happiness for red bananas?”

                “Seems like a bad trade, but let’s do it.”

They had situated themselves outside the supermarket in a small park under a tree. When one would look at the right angle, in a specific direction, the green covered enough of the surrounding concrete into oblivion. And there they were, two strangers, eating red bananas in a park. It was only when they had eaten them half that the conversation resumed again.

“So, what has caused this undefinable emotional state that you are in?”

Alfred sighed, “I’m going to give you the summary conclusion: My girlfriend is in love with another woman.”

Rebekah remained silent, sensing this was not the whole story.

“Which is fine. It is great actually! That is what we wanted to happen. We became polyamorous.”

“This is really becoming a thing, isn’t it?” Rebekah mumbled.


“Never mind. So, your girlfriend has found someone, and now you feel you want the same.”

“Now, when you say it out loud it sounds kind of childish.”

“Well, why don’t you take me out on a date?” Rebekah suggested and smiled, enchanting him anew, and more profoundly this time.

For Alfred it was clear at that moment that he was hooked, he wanted to kiss her right then and there. Hell, he wanted to make love to her right there on the soft grass.

“Are you okay with me having a girlfriend?”

“I am pretty much fine with everything, as long as people are honest.”

Alfred could have already guessed the answer but was relieved his presumption was indeed confirmed; it felt as if all the pieces of the puzzle were finally coming together. He felt alive.

“Wait, you two know each other?”

“Then I officially announce this to be a date from this moment onwards,” Alfred laughed.

Rebekah was equally delighted, unable to believe her luck of running into two amazing, open-minded, and loving people within one week. The universe worked in mysterious ways, although none of them knew how strange and unbelievable things had actually gotten.

Their conversations were just as time blurring as those between Rebekah and Karen and continued circling the topic of vinyl and music in general, a shared passion of both Alfred and Rebekah, they’d discovered. The conversation ended at Alfred’s (and Karen’s) apartment in front of the vast collection of vinyl. Rebekah was impressed, and let her finger slide over the collection. She felt an incredible attraction towards Alfred. He seemed to be one of those men you rarely find – masculine, yet cute. She was unsure if she wanted to hug him or kiss him. At that moment, the front door of the apartment opened.

“Karen?” Alfred stuttered. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be on your business trip?”

Even though what was happening was well within the bounds of the rules, Alfred had not planned things to evolve like this and felt slightly caught in the act.

“Rebekah?!” Karen said astounded.


Rebekah’s eyes widened. She was the one with the majority of the information of the current situation, and instantly understood it was up to her to clarify what was going on.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Alfred shouted.

“Karen and I went on a date last week. I am the woman she is falling in love with.”

Karen blushed and didn’t know what to do or say. All of this was mind-blowing, and nobody was sure if what was happening was bad or good. Afraid she would lose to amazing people in one instance, Rebekah took Alfred’s hand and rushed over to Karen with him.

“Listen, I have no idea what and how exactly this is happening, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

Karen’s head was spinning and could not think, instead, she grabbed Rebekah’s head and started kissing her with the same passion as their previous kiss. Alfred was paralysed and was not sure which emotion inside of him was winning – fear, love, jealousy, anxiety. When Rebekah gently squeezed his hand, he instantly calmed down and squeezed it back. Karen snapped out of her trance and stopped kissing Rebekah.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what the rules are anymore.”

“I think if there were any rules to begin with, they just went out of the window,” Rebekah proclaimed. “Is it okay if I kiss Alfred now?”

Karen looked at Alfred and nodded. With amazement, she watched as the lips that were just on hers moved onto Alfred’s. For a short moment, it was weird, but the feeling fled swiftly, and only love and lust remained. Rebekah’s beautiful hands stroked Alfred’s face, neck and shoulders, arousing everybody present with her simple, yet passionate movements. When she stopped, everyone needed to gasp for air.

Aroused, she started to touch herself, the whole intensity of the situation had already gotten her to the edge of a deep climax.

“Wow, that is what I call escalation,” Rebekah chortled, looking back and forth between the startled pair, signalling she hoped they would dare to exhibit their love for each other in front of her.

Both Karen and Alfred felt calmer, and looked deeply into each other eyes, falling in love again at that moment. Everything made sense, while at the same moment, nothing made sense. Both were holding one of Rebekah’s hands, and they lost themselves in their first triangle kiss.

Rebekah felt the deep urge to touch both of them but knew it was still too soon; instead, she imagined herself as an passive observer this time. While they continued kissing, she gently guided them towards the bed. When Karen and Alfred fell onto it, they initially wanted to pull Rebekah with them, but she resisted.

“If it is okay with you guys, I will remain solely energetically present. You are both wildly attractive, but we should be careful,” Rebekah explained.

After a short inner analysis, the pair agreed and continued. Kissing each other, undressing each other, gently touching each other, both hoping the image they were creating, caused Rebekah to want them. Rebekah said down on a chair, her eyes fixed on the beautiful spectacle in front of her. Aroused, she started to touch herself, the whole intensity of the situation had already gotten her to the edge of a deep climax. Karen and Alfred were equally aroused, occasionally looking over to the beautiful woman, the woman they now both were in love with.

“I love you,” Alfred said the moment he slid inside of Karen.

All three of them moaned. Rebekah mimicked the rhythm of Alfred’s fucking on her own clit. She felt honoured to be present at such an intimate moment between two people and needed to admit that she had also fallen in love. She had fallen in love with a couple. It was clear to all of them; this was the beginning of an epic love adventure.

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