The Strongest Shape: part 7
Erotic story

The Strongest Shape: part 7

By Victoria, 05.10.2019

Months had passed since Rebekah, Alfred and Karen made passionate love to each other for the first time and a substantial amount of things had changed since. They were officially a triad in a closed relationship. A relationship in which the love seemed to grow exponentially and it felt as if they had been together like this for years already. However, it had proven to be intense and hard work emotionally. Each of them constantly being confronted with their desires, as well as their fears. In the process, discovering their darker sides.

In that way, Karen had been challenged with jealousy she didn’t know she possessed, Alfred was more demanding than the two women could provide, and Rebekah occasionally felt as if she didn’t belong in the already established relationship, fearing they would break up with her if they felt this as well. The communication, reflection and honesty which was needed in this triangle relationship seemed double fold from that in a “normal” relationship. Jointly they managed to overcome these obstacles; Karen turned her jealously into compersion, Alfred strengthened the relationship with himself, and Rebekah became confident enough to feel there was no hierarchy and she belonged. Additionally, the sex continued to evolve into something that Rebekah described as “divine”.

The addition of a third person also proved to be a logistical challenge and they needed to plan their time very efficiently. Synched calendars were one of these measures. Even though Rebekah still rented her apartment, they spent most of their time together in Alfred’s and Karen’s apartment. Occasionally, when one of them needed some time to themselves, they would “go on holiday” to unoccupied apartment. Rebekah had rescued a cat from the streets and had proposed to collectively adopt it. This joint responsibility of another being had enhanced their relationship and resulted in an extremely spoiled but happy cat.  

The coming out to friends, and ultimately family, was received with mixed feelings, from immense joy to a complete lack of understanding and refusal to acknowledge the relationship. This was the case with Karen’s father and it filled all of them with deep sorrow. 

On the way home from this less successful coming out, no word was uttered. Karen was silently sobbing in the back of the car. The words of her father had pierced themselves through her heart and were additionally opening up old wounds. Getting approval from her father had been an impossible task throughout her life. Both Alfred and Rebekah were pondering about how they were able to lift the spirits. It was incredibly painful to all of them to experience the societal difficulties of their relationship. 

“Karen, your father loves you. He wants what’s best for you. This is the result of the society we live in, it is hard and sometimes unforgiving but our love is here to change this,” Rebekah declared as they walked into the apartment. 

The cat, free from social conditioning, ran up to them and joyously greeted its three care – and lovegivers. 

“Maybe we should get two more,” Karen uttered, “it’s so much nicer when you have more people to share your life with.”

Rebekah gazed over to Alfred and he immediately understood her suggestion. He winked and nodded — Karen would be the centre of their attention tonight. Karen was still engaged with the cat, promising it playmates, when Rebekah and Alfred closed in on her. 

Alfred took her head and looked deep into her eyes, “Karen, you are such a kind of loving person and you make me a better person,” after a short silence to let the words sink in, he kissed her passionately. 

Then Rebekah took her head and looked equally deep into her eyes, “Karen, meeting you and falling in love with you has been such a fulfilling adventure. You make me love life to the fullest.”

Rebekah’s kiss made the words echo in Karen’s mind. She felt so much love, she could have drowned all the hate in the world with it. 

There was no time to respond, instantly they both started to kiss her cheeks, neck and chest all the while pushing her against the front door. Communicating she was subjected to their love and needed to surrender. Alfred had long known Karen loved to give away the control and loved to be dominated. This had not changed when two people were involved. Rather it increased the pleasure she received from it. 

“I’m yours,” Karen whispered to them and felt the wetness in between her legs forming. 

Ably, they started to undress Karen until she was standing bare-naked in front of them. Her vulnerability was her offer. For a short moment, they stood across from her, observing her craving body and the fire in her eyes. Then they looked at each other, found each other in a wild kiss and started tearing each other’s clothes off. It was an extravagant spectacle for Karen to witness, increasing the craving to be fucked by both of them.

    Her clit was pulsating for attention, screaming to be touched. Karen tuned into the feeling but controlled her urges to touch herself. She wanted to be touched by them. Possessed by arousal her body trembled and quivered as she watched the Alfred and Rebekah teasing her with their movements and sounds. They were dominating her, without the use of touch. Instead with the absence thereof, they took control over Karen’s body and mind. Right at the moment when Karen felt she was about to lose it, they looked at her with a mind-bending intensity.

    “We have something special for you tonight. One of your wildest fantasies is coming true. We will satisfy every part of your being together,” Rebekah proclaimed in an authoritative tone, “give me a moment.”

    While Rebekah dashed towards the bedroom, Alfred slowly decreased the space between them until both of them could feel the heat being emitted from their bodies. Without saying a word, he grabbed her and nearly ran towards the large lounge couch in the middle of the living room. He sat her down and could not help a gentle smile to appear on his face. 

    The moment was interrupted, “hey, sexy thing,” Rebekah shouted as she shot out of the bedroom into the living room again. 

    Immediately Karen’s eyes were pulled towards Rebekah crotch; a nicely curved pink dildo was sticking out in front of it. Butterflies formed inside of Karen’s stomach and uterus — the u-strap, a strapless strap-on. Linguistics were failing the sex industry. Then she gazed back towards Alfred and saw his penis rising. It was about to get very interesting. 

    They focussed on the familiar first, preparing the bodies and minds for the possibilities of that evening. Alfred, pushed Karen onto her back and captured her arms above her head with his strong hands and entered her. Karen was forcing her mind to stay in the present and focus on Alfred’s flesh thrusting inside of her. Alfred continuous intense gaze helped her to stay where she was. Rebekah laid a hand on his shoulder, signalling it was her turn to show off her penetrative competence and he freed Karen’s body to be taken by Rebekah. 

Their gazes locked. Karen was at her mercy, and Rebekah moved down and purposely entered Karen with her artificial purple penis. Their gazes still intertwined, Rebekah slowly started to move her hips, subsequently transferring the dildo in and out of Karen. As the dildo did not have straps, it stayed in place with an insertable curved probed. Each thrust was stimulating Rebekah’s clit and g-spot as well, urging her to increase the speed of her movements for both their pleasure. They were both moaning loudly with each thrust. It felt incredible for both of them, and Alfred observed how they lost themselves in the sensations. He loved to observe his two partners in various acts and continued to be amazed. 

“Do you think you can handle us both at the same time,” Alfred inquired. 

Without explicitly stating it, it was clear what he meant.

“Let’s try it and see how far we come,” Karen said, “where is the lube?” 

“I’ll get it,” Alfred said and walked towards the bedroom. 

“Are you sure about this, Karen?”

“Yes, you know I would never agree to anything I have not thought about before. Don’t worry; we take it slow.”

Alfred was back with the aloe vera based lube and sat down next to them, “I suggest I go from behind.”


He said down and gently started to massage all the muscles in Karen butt. He began by putting one finger into her anus, preparing it for what was to come. He took the lube and put it all over his hard shaft. Rebekah watched closely as Karen very carefully descended onto Alfred. Rebekah was fascinated by anal-sex. She did not merely enjoy it as much as Karen did but revelled in the thought of what was happening. Karen moaned. She was slowly getting accustomed to the feeling.

“I’m ready,” she said. 

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