Love Without Borders – part 2
Erotic story

Love Without Borders – part 2

By Victoria, 28.07.2022

Linda and Leboo’s lives had been fundamentally different until they met: Linda grew up in a typical white, middle-class family with her older brother and younger sister. The societal programming of her unconscious mind caused her to imagine a life that looked the same, or partly the same, as that of her parents. She was supposed to study well, but mostly to find a successful man to support in life and his career. Her current partner, James, could be considered successful by the standards of her parents; he owned a successful (and profitable) business. However, Linda felt it was not what her heart truly desired. 

Leboo was part of a traditional Maasai tribe and had been a warrior for several years now. His job in life was to protect the tribe and its cattle and to find — preferably — multiple women for marriage and create strong and healthy offspring, who in turn would turn into warriors of wives. Until now, he had not found a woman who made his heart beat faster. To the annoyance of his father who consistently told him he urgently needs a beautiful woman to bare his children. Many of the women in his tribe were beautiful, but they moved very little to nothing inside of him. Within the depths of his heart, he felt there must me more to marriage then just the pragmatic aspects of it. Inside of him, he held a fire that craved to burn stronger. 

What love ought to be, had been moulded into a similar shape by completely different cultures. It seemed love and marriage were primarily aimed at pleasing outer worlds and not the inner worlds. How could anybody know what they really felt inside? 

From the moment they stood in front of each other and their eyes locked, they both instantly understood what love was and how it was supposed to feel. Their mere presence releasing a flood of chemicals inside their bodies, creating a great conflict of interest between the mind and the heart. All they wanted was for their bodies to be as close together as was physically possible. Both could feel it was mutual. 

As Linda was not married to James, Leboo saw no reason not to seduce the beautiful light skinned women. It had been foolish of him not secure her faithfulness towards him, Leboo thought. Although, if he was completely honest with himself, he didn’t think it would have mattered either way. 

“Come,” he said and held out his hand to Linda. 

Without hesitation, Linda put her hand on his and immediately they started walking away from the village into the field. Flashback of feelings and emotions from Linda’s dream surged into her consciousness and body, but any thought of James existence descended into silent corners of her mind. She knew there was no going back. There was no desire to go back, merely to go forward with Leboo. Silently, she followed him into the field. 

After half an hour, they arrived at a small hut. It was uninhabited and completely empty apart from a small and old iron stove. 

“I come here. Be alone,” Leboo uttered and started collecting twigs and other dry material to start a fire. 

When the fire was lit, it immediately created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It nearly started to feel like a home to Linda when Leboo spread out a small blanket on the dust floor. 

“Please, sit.” 

“Thank you.” Linda sat down, a little unsure of what to say or do next, while Leboo gathered wood outside.  

It was incredibly important for Leboo that Linda felt comfortable with and around him, while trying to tame the urge to explore her body with all his senses immediately. He wasn’t very selective and could appreciate nearly all female beauty, regardless the shape or colour, but he had never felt an attraction like this. 

Linda felt the rules of the game had already been broken the moment they had seen each other for the first time in Nairobi and decided to do what she desired so intensely. She laid her hand on his arm, and they both observed its journey around the limp toward his chest. The act was not sexual per see, but it aroused both of them immensely. They could feel it, inside their organs of pleasure, pulsing. They could feel the other one felt it. He looked up to her and when their eyes met again, he moved forward to kiss her. It was the act that would cross the border, forever.  

Only the first seconds of the kiss were slow and reserved, but mostly Linda was unable to contain her desire any longer. She’d never understood the concept of losing control — until now. She lost herself in his full lips, exploring them with her own. They were soft beyond imagination and Linda knew she would never get enough of them. She wanted to feel them, not only on her own lips, but on every part of her body. 

“I want you, Leboo. I really want you,” she moaned, nearly unable to fully utter the words. 

Leboo’s English was basic, but he understood very well what she meant. He understood what she wanted but needed to make sure by looking into her eyes once more. They were full of craving, thirst, and passion. He’d never seen anybody look at him like this, but he understood it was the look he had been searching for all his life. 

When she started to undress him, he did the same to her. Naked, they looked at each other in the dancing light of the fire. Appreciating each other’s presence and beauty. 

“You virgin?” He inquired. 

“No. You?”


Their answered seemed to decrease the pressure of the situation. They knew what they were doing, now they could enjoy the first time together. Their first time. 

Leboo guided Linda’s body onto the floor and hovered above it. Their genitals in such proximity, they could feel the heat being radiated from them. They shortly locked eyes, before Leboo unleashed his lips onto her neck and shoulders. Linda clanged onto his strong body. Full of anticipation of what was coming next. With one hand, she went down to see if she was ready. Her juices were flowing as they’d never had previously in her life and before letting the hand join the other caressing Leboo’s back, she let it gently glide over her hard clit. She knew she would come tonight, the question was, how often.

Leboo had once learned about the pleasure of women and how to give it to them from a foreigner visitor. He knew they would enjoy the act more if they and their bodies were ready to receive them. While he observed her reaction, he also led his hand slide in between her legs. It was confirmed beyond any doubt. 

While he maintained eye contact, he guided his shaft towards her entrance. Both groaned loudly as he pushed and entered Linda. It felt divine for both. He wanted to savour each moment, each movement. Focussing on what he felt, trying to feel what she felt. He repeated the process and just when he thought about pulling back, Linda pushed him even further inside of her. For a moment, they stayed like this. Connected through mind and body. 

The movements gradually started to increase and the sounds getting louder. Leboo was enjoyed it immensely, but Linda knew that some extra clitoral stimulation would send her on the road of orgasms. She repositions herself so his pelvic and penis would steadily rub against her pleasure button. For a moment, Leboo was not sure what she wanted, but when he felt himself glide against her hardened clit he understood her way of pleasure. He moved up a bit more and to the side, each of them, observing the subsequent reaction of Linda’s body. After a couple of slight alterations, they got the perfect position for both.

The heat from the day had only just begun the vanish, and the strain of the physical activity was showing itself in the forms of sweat. For a moment, Linda had forgotten where she was, until suddenly she became extremely aware of the distinct smells surrounding her. She was in Africa, being fucked by an African man. The thought pushed her on the border of her orgasm. She was ready to cross and aided the movements with all the strength she had. Increasing the speed, depth, and friction with each thrust. When she came, she lost control over her body. Her moans urged Leboo to continue. 

He maintained the rhythm and pressure and catapulted her into a string of orgasms, sensing the contractions of each around his penis until he finally came inside of her. In that moment, no concept of borders existed.  

“Thank you.” 

Without uttering any other words, they continued caressing each other’s bodies. When the sun was finally rising again, they understood the difficult road ahead of them. 

“Marry me,” he whispered and started making love to her once more.

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