Erotic Story: The most delicious surprise
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The most delicious surprise

By Yentl, 15.12.2022

‘Close your eyes and surrender.’

His whispering feels warm against my ear and electricity surges through my body. I obey him and close my eyes. I instantly feel how all my senses are on edge. I feel the sheets under my skin, feel how his fingertips caress my forearms and how he puts a blindfold over my head.

A sigh escapes my lips. A tingling wave goes through my body. I am determined, I’m going to surrender. Without any effort, I place my hands above my head and let him tie me up. The sound of the handcuffs echoes through the bedroom. 

‘I promise you’ll enjoy this, trust me.’

‘I trust you,’ I gasp back excitedly. 

The tension is so high that I can hear myself swallow. This vulnerable position has an immensely exhilarating effect on me. 

I feel how his hands close around the sides of my panties and then slowly pull them down. The lace rolls playfully down my hips and a smile appears on my face.

As soon as my thong slides over my feet I feel his hands make their way up, from my ankles up to my thighs. Here and there, he gives a short and playful squeeze. I can sense from the sheets that he is lying between my legs now. They dent. His thumbs press into my thighs, forcing them slightly apart. 

He doesn’t have to put in that much effort, as I let them fall apart. His breath feels warm against my clit before I feel his tongue slide through my labia with determination. 

‘Hmmm. You taste so good. Don’t freak out.’

It takes a moment for his words to sink in … Don’t freak out, what should I freak out about? Then I feel a hand grab my chin and kiss my mouth. A tongue slides in hot and wet and confusion fills my head. I am being kissed and licked at the same time. My brain tries hard to recognize the tongue movements, but I know they’re not his. This other person tastes sweet, like a soft rosé wine. 

A few strands of hair that I know are not mine fall on my cheek. A soft hand caresses my cheek. It’s a lady, it must be. With these thoughts in my head, confusion gives way to horniness and I start kissing back wildly. 

Between my legs I feel how he has given his fingers a supporting role in his oral performance. They slide in and out effortlessly, touching my most sensitive inner spots every time. My desire is building, but every time I get too hot, he stops. He knows exactly what he’s doing to me. 

I’m trying hard to kiss well, but it’s barely a French kiss anymore. Hungrily our tongues are licking each other, also touching each other’s lips. My entire mouth has now become a wet zone. I feel the lady move to come sit next to me and then she licks my neck. In a reflex, I attempt to push myself upward. I barely manage.

Her tongue moistens one of my nipples. It feels cold when she withdraws, making them push forward like hard buttons. 

Between my legs, he has found my butt now. Soft kisses alternate with a firm lick. I barely know what to do with myself. Uncontrollably, I start to moan. 

Many fingers, four hands and two mouths are spoiling me. I find myself on the verge of begging, but I don’t want to give in to it just yet. My mouth gets drier. For a moment, I open my eyes but I can’t see through the blindfold. Not even when I do my best to look down my nose. All that my eyes can see is a small strip of light. 

I willingly push up my lower body. To get closer to his face. He laughs playfully.

‘Do you want me?’

The question resounds in my head. ‘Yes!’

The fingers caressing my breasts wander down towards my heat. Teasingly, they slide along my clit. They never actually touch it though. Instead, they maddeningly keep sliding just past it. My desire is mounting with every touch my clit almost gets.

‘Go ahead. Finger her.’

His voice sounds stern and excited. He’s clearly enjoying this position and adopts a commanding attitude straight away. 

Soft fingers slide in, spreading my pussy juice. I’m so wet, I can hear it. 

My legs are pulled up slightly and I feel him getting hold of my knee cavities. In no time, his cock slides through my folds, briefly touching my clit. Then he positions himself and carefully thrusts in. 

I release a loud moan. His hands remain on the back of my knees while her fingers caress my clit again and she gently circles my nipples. She starts kissing me again. I can barely kiss back. All my senses are on alert. A touch has never felt so intense before. His thrusts feel extra sensitive too. I would kill to let my hands explore, but that’s no option. I can barely move them. 

I am getting more and more out of breath and my moans are getting louder and out of control. He growls with every thrust and her fingers seem to be everywhere at the same time. Fuck, this is horny. The best and most delicious surprise I’ve ever received. 

Then I feel her tongue. Her tongue, finally giving my clit the warm attention that it’s been craving ever since this game started. She’s licking me. He’s thrusting in and out of me at an ever wilder pace. All this is driving me wild. In the distance, I feel my orgasm coming closer. My legs are starting to tingle and the heat is building up inside of me.

‘Yes… Oh… Yes. Come, baby!’

His encouragement is the last push I need. My body starts to convulse and a kind of wailing cry escapes my mouth. I can’t control it anymore. The pressure her tongue puts on my sensitive spot increases as my insides pulsate hotly around his hard-on. 

‘Fuck, you come hard!’, he calls through the bedroom. 

He is right. I come really hard. That doesn’t stop him. He keeps going at it. Slowly, my body recovers, while still taking the blows of his thrusts. 

‘That looked so hot.’

A woman’s whisper sounding in my ear and the compliment has an unparalleled effect. I feel proud, and acknowledged. In the same second, images of what I must look like in this moment take shape in my head. Images of what is happening here, right now. 

She kisses my neck as he begins his last firm thrusts. Growling, he pulls back and I feel him move to sit on top of me. Then I feel his cum flowing warmly over my stomach and breasts. 

‘Jesus baby, this is so good.’

He presses a thumb, with a dab of semen, against my lower lip and I automatically open my mouth. His taste fills my mouth as I suck on his finger. 

‘You did so well.’

He whispers while he unties my hands and gently removes the blindfold from my face. 

Slowly, I open my eyes and look into his green eyes, satisfaction reflecting back at me. I briefly look around to see where the lady has gone. I find her standing at the bedroom door. My best friend. Proud, and with a big smile on her face. 

‘Happy birthday, honey! Glass of wine?’

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