Erotic Story: Stories from Mount Olympus: Zeus & Europa
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Stories from Mount Olympus: Zeus & Europa

By Victoria, 20.10.2022

He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. She finally found the courage to lay her hands on to his body; his skin felt soft like silk, yet underneath, his muscles hard as stone – A mythological story that will satisfy you with the erotic tales of Zeus and Europe, written by Victoria Hawk.

Zeus, the king of the gods, was sitting on top of his golden throne on Mount Olympus in Greece, carefree as always. Zeus was a fair god but was quickly tempered, unleashing rage in form of thunderbolts upon the land. Next to Zeus was Hera, the queen of Mount Olympus and goddess of marriage and birth.

Their pairing was quite ironic, as Zeus was infamous for his erotic escapades with goddesses, nymphs, and mortals alike, resulting in numerous illegitimate children. Hera was jealous by nature and marriage was obviously sacred to the goddess, turning her into a vindictive snake whenever she found out about the affairs.

However, Zeus was more powerful than she was, forcing her to vindicate Zeus’ lovers, regardless if they were mere mortal virgins, innocent of any wrongdoings. In cases like these, she seemed to completely forget she was the protector of women. Her anger and jealousy did not end there – many of Zeus’ children were also susceptive to her vengefulness.

Hercules, son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmena, was one of her greatest victims, persecuted from the moment of his birth and nearly being killed numerous times. Only a demigod with incredible strength and stamina would have been able to overcome the relentless harassment from a mighty goddess over a lifetime.

However, Zeus was never able to stop, endlessly wanting to connect with his romantic sympatric side outside of his marriage. Beauty and aesthetics were paramount to all the Greek deities and within Greek culture as a whole. Therefore, the appearance of any beautiful mortal would rapidly become known to the gods of Olympus.

As many times before, it was Zeus who first spotted Europa, princess of Tyre, when innocently gathering flowers by the sea. Immediately, he fell in love and could not help himself to pursue her. The following is their famous story.

Zeus took great pleasure in watching how Europa discovered the new sensations in her inexperienced body.

Europa’s natural beauty was powerful, but it was beyond her knowledge. The virgin princess was pure and oblivious to the power of her delicacy. She loved being in nature, and her pale skin had gradually darkened under the strong Greek sun. Her oval shaped face was the canvas of her large eyes that reflected the sun’s light in the form of sparkles that made one gasp for air.

Zeus knew the appearance of an imposing Olympian god would immediately scare her off and decided to transform himself into a marvellous bull with perfectly even white fur. With careful and gentle steps the bull walked closer to Europa and made eye contact. Even his breathing was calm, and Europa was not scared and allowed the bull to come closer.

The distance between the muscular bull and the fragile woman continued to decrease, and Europa realised it meant no harm. “Well, you are a magnificent and beautiful creature,” she whispered and laid her hand on its forehead. Upon closer inspection the horns of the bull were nearly see-through and hinted magic was involved, causing the last abstinence in Europa to completely evaporate.

After Europa put flowers around its neck, Zeus knelt at her feet, and Europa did not have any reservations to climb on its back. Immediately, the bull ran far into the Mediterranean sea. The wild waves surrounding them made fear rush through Europa., but within a short time, they arrived safely at the shores of Crete.

Europa looked down at the sand under her feet and played with it between her toes. She felt steady and safe again. “Where am I?” she wondered out loud and looked around. When looking back at the bull, she saw it was no longer there. Instead, she was looking at the robust body of the mighty god Zeus.

With his back to the sea, he stood in front of the dazed Europa. “I am Zeus, god of the sky and king of gods” he proclaimed in a monumental demeanour, trying to impress the young woman. “What do you want from me? Where are we? Why did you take me here?” She was baffled and stared at Zeus with widened eyes.

She had heard of the mighty Zeus, but never had imagined she would ever lay eyes on him. She flinched back as he approached her, too naïve to imagine what he could possibly want from her. “No need to fear, my love. Your moral beauty has captivated me, as it surely has many other men. I took you here for your own protection.”

His words blossomed unknown feelings of desire in the virginal body of Europa, and all of a sudden she longed for their skin to touch.

Even if you would have been with a man before, it will never be the same or match up to being with a god.

Zeus could clearly see the change in posture and felt confident to move closer. Now, their faces were just inches away from each other, and his eyes, which seemed to be made out of crystals starred deeply into hers. Gently he caressed her soft cheek with his colossal fingers, sending a current through her body that gathered itself between her legs and made her gasp for air.

Zeus took great pleasure in watching how Europa discovered the new sensations in her inexperienced body. He was glad he got to her before any of the other gods did. While he moved his hand down her neck, she observed his long curly grey hair, incredible muscles, and unbelievable symmetrical build.

He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. She finally found the courage to lay her hands on to his body; his skin felt soft like silk, yet underneath, his muscles hard as stone. The way he smelled was divine as well; a mix of wood, flowers, and clouds. All the different stimuli seemed to clog her mind and put her under his spell of lust. Instinctively she knew what was about to happen.

Gradually the weather started to change, dark clouds began to form above the sea. The wind was gently brushing over Europa’s damp skin, which was getting heated by the longing flesh inside of it. The change in weather conditions was clearly connected to Zeus’ mood – an increasing magnitude of arousal.

He got on top of her and briefly engaged his lips with hers, repeating the process a couple of times before filling the kisses with utmost passion. Europa’s father had been extremely protective of her, and under no circumstance allowed her to be in the company of another man, especially not alone. She had often wondered how the kisses and touch of a man would feel but was often too anxious to even let the thoughts developed; afraid someone would catch them out.

Now, the king of gods was unleashing his lust on to her, and she could sense primal urges being freed from deep within, but she did not know what to do with them. “I don’t…” she uttered. Zeus knew what she was about to say. “Even if you would have been with a man before, it will never be the same or match up to being with a god. Close your eyes and forget who you are.” And so she did, while Zeus ripped her blue chiton as if it was made of air, revealing her nude body.

He observed her perky breast with alert nipples and brushed between her legs, and he was ready to devour her and her virginity. Meanwhile, the clouds were forming into a storm that was getting closer with each breath.

He knew exactly which part inside of her needed to be simulated to launch her into ecstasy

Zeus spread his arms and the mantle around his body unwrapped itself, hovered in the air for a short while before falling onto the sand beneath. He was now exposing all of his godly physique. Time seemed to stand still for a moment, and Europa was unconsciously holding her breath. His torso bent down again, his hands on the sand propping it upwards, Europa in between them.

She widened her legs, and Zeus let himself glide into her, sensing the form of her vagina and adjusting the size of his penis to the format that was perfectly corresponding. He was a god indeed. She was delighted with what she felt and clung herself onto his strong body, while he started moving carefully deep inside of her. The clouds turned into thunder, covering up the loud moans coming out of Europa’s mouth.

She continued to scream his name, amazed by the world of feelings she had not previously not even been able to imagine. While making love to a mortal, Zeus had always been able to connect with his sensitive side, as it was a matter of life and death that he contained his usual temper and strength. He knew exactly which part inside of her needed to be simulated to launch her into ecstasy.

It did not take her overwhelmed body very long to rapture. Zeus, being able to control his climax until infinity if he wanted, continued to make her come until her consciousness was fading. Then he let go of control. Lighting and thunder filled the skies above them, as he loudly moaned and roared. Immediately, he took the shivering body of Europa in his arms and stroked it gently until it calmed.

Her mind was still in a state of disbelieve. “Will I ever see you again, Zeus?” Zeus looked at the clear night sky. “Unfortunately, Hera would make your life a living hell.” He pointed up to the night sky and started drawing the shape of a bull, creating points of light between the lines.

“Whenever you look up at the sky, you will see me and be reminded of what love should feel like,” he proclaimed and vanished into thin air. Europa looked up at the lights in the sky. “Taurus,” she whispered.

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