The World Through His Eyes – part 1
Erotic story

The World Through His Eyes – part 1

By Victoria, 29.01.2020

Gently my consciousness set back into my body and gradually awakened it. My eyes were still closed. I could only sense the softness of the sheets around me and the heat they had captured and collected from my body throughout the night. I forced my eyes to stay shut, I wanted to remain in the slumber between wakefulness and sleep for as long as possible. I liked it there. I could live there. 

However, something felt different. Fundamentally different. I was unable to pinpoint it. An instant later, I felt something hard and bulky between my legs. It simultaneously felt familiar and unfamiliar. I lifted the sheets up and was aghast by what my eyes perceived to see; I was looking at my own erected penis. Which was impossible, because when I went to sleep and all my life before that, I had been a woman. 

Quickly I realised I must be dreaming and waited for the dream to evaporated and reality to shift back to what it was supposed to be. Yet, it didn’t, and I remained stuck in the most vivid dream I’d ever had in my life. By this point, I slowly started to get filled with anxiety that swiftly transformed into pure panic. Now, I didn’t only look at my penis, I looked at my hands, arms, chest and the rest of my body, which were all not how I remembered and perfectly corresponded to my penis, which was not at all excited anymore. 

“What the fuck?!” I screamed loudly and got shocked by the deep and manly voice vibrating out of my mouth. 

I jumped out of the bed and looked around the room. It was the same room, but it was completely differently decorated. There was an immense conflict present between my body and mind, as one was aligned with the surroundings and the other completely separate from it. The next moment, the bedroom squeaked and opened.

“Good morning, honey,” a beautiful blond woman said and walked towards me. 

I jumped into the corner of the room. I didn’t know this woman. I had never seen her before. My reaction confused her profoundly and she made another attempt the approach me. I held up my hands in a defensive manner, as to protect myself from her presence. 

“What is going on, Will?” she asked me perplexed. 

Will? My name is Andrea, I thought, and my head started spinning. The spinning increased before everything went black. I fainted. 

An undefined amount of time later, I regained my consciousness and saw the worried face of the woman hovering above me. It strangely calmed me down and I decided to focus on that feeling instead of the confusion. 

“Are you okay? What happened?” she inquired while she helped me back to the bed. 

As I lay down again, I focused on my breathing and said nothing. 

“I’m going to get you some water.”

As I lay there, I failed to understand why I was not waking up. Then, I saw a small mirror hanging on the wall on the other side of the room and I rushed over to it. I looked at myself in the mirror. The face of a man starred back at me. I started to recognise some features in my face and suddenly my eyes connected with the ones in the mirror. The reflection looked like a male version of myself. I could not explain what was happening, then the door opened again, and the woman came back with a glass of water in her hand. Clearly calmer than before, I took hold of the glass and started drinking the water. 

“Get back to bed before you faint again,” she urged me, and I did as I was instructed. 

Her energy was very pleasant, and it was obvious for me to assume she was in a relationship with the person this body belonged to. The “I” in this body was in a relationship with her. 


The name had suddenly risen out of my unconscious mind. 

“Yes, Will,” she whispered and stroked my cheek affectionately. 

The body reacted to it immediately; I felt the heart starting to beat faster, the skin getting warmer, and blood rushing into the penis. At that point, the previous panic had completely subsided. I was not thinking anymore at all and just bathed in the energy of her presence. 

Her smell was soft like that of a delicate flower. I closed my eyes to focus on it more and while I inhaled deeply through my nose, she kissed me softly on my mouth. At that moment, my worries started to dwindle out of existence and all I knew for certain at that moment, was that the woman kissing me was full of love and kindness. I became more active in the kiss and discovered her lips and tongue in the process. The blood rushed down and I could feel the penis growing with each second. I realised I had reached a state of arousal within mere seconds. The sensations were similar to what I knew but everything seemed to happen much faster. 

Attentively, I let my hands glide of the soft skin of her arm, taking it all in. I shortly needed to gasp for air, as I could feel her hand descending towards the now fully erected shaft between my legs. It has grown substantially in size. I could feel the heartbeat pounding inside of it. She moved further down and both me and her moaned softly when she touched it. It was clear she was very font of it. The waves of excitement inside the body kept increasing as she started moving the skin around the hardened flesh underneath it. She stopped kissing me and look at me with teasing eyes before she went down. I knew what was about to happen, but still I had no idea what I was about to experience. 

She kissed my belly all the way down, it was as sensitive as I remembered it. She continued kissing me around the heated area. It were all extremely loving gestures. Then, she continued on the penis itself. First, the same soft kisses as before, then slowly her tongue came out of hiding and gently stroked the warm flesh. The way it glided over the skin was incredible and I could feel the energy in the body building up. She started using her tongue more and more and occasionally let the tip sail over the slippery inside of her lips. Soft, warm, and wet — the perfect composition for the sensitive organ attached to me. It was clearly the apex of the male body I was in. In which I got more comfortable with each passing second. She quickly established the perfect rhythm; letting each little rush created by her movements live out its full life before creating another one. Each one slightly more intense than the previous. 

Gently, she tickled the balls beneath. I guess at that point she knew better than anybody how to drive that stick and it was heavenly. I had a dopamine rush as I never felt before. It set up so suddenly, I had trouble staying in control of my thoughts and actions. At that moment, I could only think; more! It felt like my clit had grown several sizes and was being licked and sucked on. I looked down and the image blew me away. She had her eyes closed and was very concentrated, but I could also see she was clearly enjoying herself. That reassured me. It hadn’t always been the case for me when I was the one giving fellatio.  

The way she did it was both sexy and loving at the same time. It filled me with appreciation and gratitude and for a moment I had completely forgotten who I was. I was neither male nor female. As if she could feel into the body, she started increasing the rhythm as the sensations started to intensify. The movements smooth, lubricated by the saliva from her mouth. The heart started beating faster and faster. The balls stiffened.   

“I think… Oh god, I’m coming.”

I was about to prepare for the climax, but then she stopped and looked at me with wild eyes. The feeling ebbed away, and I immediately knew she was in control of when I was going to orgasm. I like it and waited for her to continue. When she did, I could feel there was no holding back this one. Suddenly, it felt as if I erupted from the inside. I was still in her mouth and I could feel it getting filled with a warm substance. It felt like coming home. 

Instantly, I felt completely at ease in the male body I was situated in and determined to explore it to the fullest while I would figure out how to awake from this very lucid dream. 

To be continued…

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