Erotic Story: The Cleaning Lady
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The Cleaning Lady

By Yentl, 05.05.2022

Fresh out of the shower and in my underwear I’m in the bedroom chatting with Marissa. She’s just starting to talk about her holiday when he walks into the bedroom and throws a pile of toys on the bed.

“Dear Marissa, I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but could you maybe clean somewhere else first? It’s been a long week and I want to enjoy my wife.”

She looks at me dumbfounded and I answer with a shrug.

“Sure, no problem,” she replies.

“Here, use these, just to be sure.” He says, referring to the earplugs he holds up. Marissa lets her eyes rest on the toys he has just thrown on the bed and takes the earplugs.

“Fine, have fun,” she laughs.

As soon as the bedroom door closes, I look at him.

“Did you send her away to have sex?” I ask in a bit of shock.

“Yes” he laughs, “I think we pay her enough to clean so she probably won’t mind.”

He grabs my face with both hands and presses his lips to mine.

It’s a bit arrogant in my opinion, but what am I to do? He obviously wants the room to ourselves and have his way with me. 

He doesn’t waste any time. His hands are all over my body as soon as the door closes. Exploring my neck, my breasts, my stomach, buttocks and finally they reach the lock of my bra. It effortlessly drops to the floor. His thumb rests on my lower lip and I playfully suck it while locking eyes. 

“Lay down! “he orders.

Obediently I lie down in the middle of the bed.

He stands next to the bed, takes my arms and brings them together to put handcuffs around them. He attaches a chain to the handcuffs. He clasps the other side of the chain to the headboard of the bed. My hands are forced together just above my head. The only room to wiggle enables me to turn from my back to my stomach. 

“Open wide,” he commands, tapping my thigh.

“What are you going to do to me?” I ask, breathing faster, slightly panicked.

“Nothing you don’t want to do.”

His answer makes me horny. This whole scene makes me horny and I open my legs wide. One of his fingertips explores my body from my mouth to my neck, past my breasts and over my stomach towards my thong. Just when I’m on fire he stops.

He takes the anklets and puts them on both my ankles. He then puts a spreader bar in between and stretches it out as far as possible. All I can do is watch and let it happen.

“Shit,” he says, “you are still wearing your thong.”

I burst out in laughter which he answers with a slightly irritated look on his face. He grabs the side of my thong and starts pulling it hard until it rips.

“Problem solved!” he says proudly.

In all the excitement I let myself really go, letting several screams escape my mouth. 

I can only hope that Marissa uses his earplugs.

“Glistening with wetness, how lovely” he says while he taps my clit firmly. Another loud moan escapes my mouth and it echoes through the bedroom.

I feel naked and vulnerable, but intensely aroused. He grabs the bar and pulls it up so he can crawl under it. As the bar rests on his lower back, he grabs my nipples tight and presses his warm flat tongue against my cunt.

“Hmm, yes.” I encourage him as he starts licking me extensively.

I have an enormous desire to touch his hands or grab his hair. I can barely keep it under control, but since there is no other way, my desire manifests itself in uncontrolled breathing and wailing cries.

Just before I am to climax he stops and looks at me bewildered. With his tongue he licks his way towards one of my nipples and starts to suck playfully. As far as the wiggle room permits, I begin to squirm. The chain clashes with the steel headboard again and again. My nipples are rock hard and I feel his manhood push against my thigh. 

“Please” I whisper softly.

Smiling, he gets off the bed and slowly takes off his pants, then his T-shirt and finally his boxer shorts. The tip of his cock is moist, just looking at it makes me crave the sex even more. I watch as he takes lube off the bed and squeezes small drops over my nipples and then around my clit. My breathing takes on an unprecedented rhythm as soon as he places himself between my legs. He clasps the spreader bar against the mattress with his shins, making it impossible for me to move.

He spreads the drops of lubricant over my stinging nipples with his fingertips and blows softly. Making them unbearably sensitive. He then grabs his hard-on and pushes the head of his cock between my labia. I try my best to push my pelvis his way, but there’s no room to move. When my lips slide down his shaft again he asks what’s wrong.

“Please” I whisper again.

The tip of his cock slides down and presses against my opening. I’m so excited he’s almost being sucked in. I hold my breath as he groans and tells me how good it feels. With every thrust I see his chest muscles tighten. I try to cling to the chain with my fingers and do my best to stay put.

“Forget Marissa,” he says as he grabs my throat tight, “Let yourself go.”

Anxiously I nod and start to moan loudly.

“You’re so hot,” he growls.

I haven’t thought about Marissa in a long time and even the earplugs don’t bother me anymore. I just close my eyes and let it happen.

After a few minutes he pulls back and remains at the foot of the bed.

“I want you to turn around.”

With some help I’m on my stomach before I know it. He grabs my hips tight and forces my ass up.

I feel something cold going through my cunt.

“Relax” I hear him tell me and he follows it up with a firm tap on my ass.

The cold object closes in on my behind and I realize it’s a butt plug. Gently he pushes it in and then guides his cock back into me. With one hand on my ass  and the other firmly holding my hair, he begins to thrust into me.

My hard nipples rub against the mattress.

“Don’t stop!” I yell, panting.

“I can’t hold it anymore” he hisses back and before I know it his body starts to shake.

“Jesus, you’re so hot.” He gasps as his forehead rests between my shoulder blades. He carefully moves away from me and rolls me back onto my back. He looks at me mischievously and then buries his fingers deep between my legs. He effortlessly slides two fingers while pressing his thumb against my clit.

“Look at me, I want you to look at me when you climax.”

I look at him pleadingly, fighting the urge of closing my eyes in lust. His fingers ravish me more and more and I can no longer suppress an orgasm. I start to move uncontrollably as he looks me straight in the eyes. 

“Yes. Oh Yes” I gasp as my orgasm rages on.

“Hot! ” he compliments while licking his fingers.

He gets to the footboard to loosen the ankle straps and the spreader bar, then settles against the headboard. “I want to go again” he says and he pushes his hard cock towards me. I look at him with a smile. After some wobbling I managed to get on top of him with my arms around his neck, my hands still clinging to each other and to the headboard.

I slide on top of him and start to move. Cursing, he gasps against my lips in an attempt to kiss. His hands are tight around my waist wanting to help determine the rhythm. We are so into each other that we barely notice Marissa knocking on the bedroom door.

“Come in,” he suddenly calls out.

She carefully opens the bedroom door.

“Sorry, this is the last room to clean.”

I get ready to get off him as she sets foot in the bedroom, but he holds me firmly in place. “Not a problem, but enter at your own risk” he says teasingly and then starts to move again. 

Filled with shame and sheer excitement I move with him. Marissa should be paid a lot more.

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