Erotic Story: The wildest fantasy
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The wildest fantasy

By Yentl, 24.08.2023

I’ve never dared to before, this long-cherished dream, this wild fantasy that has been running through my mind for far too long. The exciting dreams based on this event are more than a handful by now. Maybe even more than two hands full, to be honest. I am nervous, but those nerves don’t get the better of the sheer excitement I feel deep inside. It’s going to happen, I can just feel it. 

David smiles at me and softly caresses my forearm with his hand. I’m going home with him, there’s no doubt about it and I secretly hope his roommate Roy goes home alone. 

“So, Tess… Do you know that you caught my eye the moment you stepped into this party?” 

I smile and suck the straw in my drink as seductively as possible to empty my glass. “I was hoping I did,” I reply sultrily.

He looks at me with a naughty look, lets his tongue slide along my neck and then sucks softly once his lips have reached my skin. 

“You are so fucking sexy. Are you coming?’

I slightly curl the right corner of my mouth, look at him provocatively from under my lashes and then nod. 

In no time David takes my hand and guides me through the steaming, dancing crowd in search of Roy. We finally bump into him close to the toilets. David lets him know he’s going home and I watch as Roy’s eyes shamelessly roam over me. As if he’s judging me on the spot. They laugh together and I see Roy nod. 

“Yes, I’ll come with you,” I hear him call out vaguely above the music. 

Now this even comes closer than I thought. I’m going home with two men. In the taxi I am seated between them, by coincidence, not on purpose, but I quietly enjoy it. David’s put his hand on my leg and I constantly feel Roy’s eyes burning on my body. Nobody’s mentioning it, but the tension in the air lets me know that the thought of the three of us ending up in bed is not so crazy. 

When we reach their place, Roy goes off to take a shower. As soon as he’s out of sight, David starts kissing me fiercely. Just as fiercely as he did at the party earlier this evening. On the dance floor we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. From heavy kissing to hands disappearing under clothing. I’m not in the habit of going home with just anyone, but this man clearly knows what he’s doing. The fact that Roy kept an eye on us throughout the evening, and exchanged naughty looks with me from time to time, helped too. 

“Wanna come to my bedroom?”

David looks enthusiastic and adopts a wait-and-see stance. I place my fingertips around the edge of his pants and let him take me to his bedroom. A growling, almost naughty, laugh sounds somewhere in his throat. It’s contagious. 

Once we are in his bedroom, our garments are flying through the air. I’ve never seen two people undress each other so wildly. That is to say, not in real life, only in those exaggerated movies. But now it’s happening for real! 

Between my legs I feel the only piece of fabric still on my body getting damper. His hand easily and firmly closes around one of my breasts and he playfully starts massaging it. My hands slide down his bare torso and as soon as I reach his boxers, I softly rub his boner. He is hard, very hard and the thin fabric between my hand and his manhood becomes damper with every move I make. 

He looks at me with fiery eyes. His one hand filled with my hair, and the other with my breast. His gaze hooked on mine, he lowers down. His thumb and index finger have found my nipple and he starts pulling it, driving me crazy. Gentle, but just hard enough. The combination of pain and pure horniness makes my legs go weak. When he closes his mouth around my nipple and starts sucking gently, loud, uncontrolled moaning escapes my lips. 

He pushes me firmly on the bed and like a hungry animal he climbs on top of me. The game is on. All decency seems to be lost. My fingertips slide into the back of his boxers and dig deep into his butt cheeks while he is on top of me. I feel his boner between us pressing against my abdomen. We’ve just started, but I can hardly wait for this man to be inside of me. 

He moves back and forth excitedly as our tongues explore each other. His lips slide down my neck towards my breasts which he bites gently, leaving some wet kisses behind. His hand is filled with my butt cheeks which he kneads gently to the rhythm of his movements. I cannot hold it anymore and before I know it, I beg him to take off his boxers. 

He sits up with a grin, proud that he’s got me this far. Agonizingly slowly, he pulls off my thong and as soon as he starts on his boxers, my thoughts wander to Roy. I can still hear the shower running in the distance. David snatches a condom from his nightstand, carefully puts it on and positions himself between my legs. 

“How do you want me? What do you like?”

A hundred things are racing through my mind with this question. This man doesn’t know me, I can say anything I want, try anything I want. 

“I like it a little rough,” I answer hotly. 

“Then a little rough is what you’re gonna get.”

He lets his dick slide through my wet pussy, playfully presses against my opening a few times and then pushes himself in. A loud moan echoes through the bedroom and I notice that I don’t care who might hear us. 

Fuck, it’s hot that you’re so loud,” David moans to the rhythm of his thrusts. 

My hand reaches for his throat and I gently squeeze it closed. In response, he laughs excitedly and grabs hold of my breasts for support. After a few delicious minutes, David withdraws and lays down next to me. He gives a gentle slap on my thigh and, as if we’ve had sex before, I immediately understand what he means. I smoothly sit on top of him, my back towards him. Reversed cowgirl’s always good and always gives me more than enough room to play with myself. David slaps my ass hard on my first movements. He fills his hand with my hair and pulls hard. Exactly the bit of rough I want. 

When we are completely absorbed in each other, the door of his bedroom opens. Roy is standing in the doorway and looks at us expectantly. David laughs and wild and high from the sex I look deep into his eyes. It’s like we’re both giving Roy permission to enter. This is it, this is the moment. If I don’t take the plunge now, it’ll probably be a long time before this opportunity presents itself again. If at all. 

Roy sits down on the bed in front of me, between David’s legs. He places his hand in my neck and gently starts kissing me. Holy shit! Kissing with a man while another man’s inside of you is overwhelming. With a mischievous look, I break free from the kiss. I wet my fingers and bring them to my back hole so I can evenly divide my spit. David sighs loudly and his breathing seems to take on a new pace. I rise a little and feel my body shiver when David slides out of me. Then I take a firm hold of him and press his dick against my back hole. Gradually harder and deeper. Just until my body welcomes him and he slides in further.

David moans loudly and points to his nightstand. Roy takes a condom from the top drawer, as I lie back on David’s chest. The raw feeling of him in my back hole has an immensely arousing effect on me. I place my hands firmly in his sheets to hold on to something. David puts his hand around my neck and squeezes gently. 

“Sh…,” he whispers in my ear. “Roy knows what he’s doing.”

In a split-second I feel panic. It’s going to happen, it’s really going to happen. As I had hoped, exactly like my fantasy. I am going to enjoy two men. You could say this is double joy. 

Roy positions himself between our legs. He wets his fingers and then slides them through my heat. Very gently, David starts to move under me and I feel my ass adapting to his size. Roy firmly grips his boner and gently guides himself inside me. It feels delicious, I’m completely filled. My fantasy’s completely fulfilled. 

I close my eyes and try to process what’s happening. One man under me and one man on top of me. I whimper so loudly that I almost forget to breathe. Fuck, it can be so good to be bold and just take the plunge.

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