<strong>Erotic Story: Reunion</strong>
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Reunion

By Yentl, 06.04.2023

I’m standing at his front door with trembling knees and full of nerves. I take a deep breath, in and out. I can hardly believe it. After two years of radio silence, our paths are about to cross again. It feels familiar and, at the same time, incredibly exciting too. With the first message I felt it again. That crush, and how much I missed him. This time around, I’m honest. I don’t feel like playing games anymore. I inhale deeply one last time, exhale through my mouth and the ring the bell.

After a few seconds, the door opens. His face seems to glow as soon as his eyes find mine. A warm tingling shoots through my body. Sheer disbelief of seeing him again. All those desires that I’ve repressed for months. Hiding them, pretending they weren’t there. I’ve only been lying to myself. 


His voice is warm and it seems to embrace me like a blanket of tranquility. 

‘Hi,’ I smile nervously.

He takes my coat and watches me take off my shoes. The air between us almost seems to crackle. He looks at me for too long. The corners of his mouth lift up slightly and he shakes a strand of his blond hair from his face. This man … What is he doing to me?

‘Would you like a drink?’ He asks me as he precedes me into the direction of the living room. 

Distracted by how the fabric of his pants dances around his butt with every step, I ask for a glass of wine.

‘Look what I already set out?’ 

He smiles broadly, baring his teeth, as he gestures to two poured glasses of white wine standing on his kitchen counter. 

‘You know me so well.’ 

With a smile, I take a glass from him and follow him into the living room. 

‘I love how you’ve furnished the place,’ I call out with way too much enthusiasm. 

It instantly brings out the painful fact that we’re not living here together, as we once intended. 

‘Thanks, I’ve done my best.’ 

A grin spreads across his face as he plops in the corner of the sofa and invitingly taps his hand on the pillow next to him. As charmingly as possible, I sit down next to him and try to strike a relaxed pose. 


He moves his glass towards me and I automatically tap it softly. We both take a sip and my brain is immediately looking for ways to release the tense atmosphere. He sighs, shifts position and looks at me intently. 

‘Why does this feel so uncomfortable?’

I carefully shrug my shoulders in response.

‘Fuck it, can I kiss you?’ he asks suddenly.

His posture betrays that he’s ready to go for it. Without hesitation I nod and push my body towards him. And in no time I feel them again. Those delicious lips. The lips I’ve missed so much and about which I kept fantasizing. They softly press against mine, his tongue caressing my skin, and I automatically open my mouth to let him in. My body seems to relax. His hands fly up along my arms, towards my face, and eventually find my hair. Such a fiery kiss. 

‘Fuck, that feels so good,’ he mumbles against my lips. 

His words shape echoes in my head. This is more than good. In answer to his words, I kiss him more intensely. My fingers get tangled up in his hair and before I know it I’m sitting on his lap. It feels overwhelming to be so close to him again. Our kiss is interrupted as he starts to grin softly. He looks at me with a twinkle in his eyes and wipes a few stray strands of hair behind my ears. 

‘I’ve missed this.’

‘Me too, ’ I whisper. 

For a moment, he lets his thumb rest on my lower lip and I give it a few soft kisses. Until I see the look in his eyes, that primal look. Another thing I’ve missed so much. It seems all caution has been thrown to the wind.

Again, he presses his lips against mine and quickly slides his hands across my body. They wander over my shoulders, to my lower back and playfully squeeze my butt. Then his hands find my breasts and start to massage them longingly. I moan in excitement as I feel him growing under me. 

‘Come to the bedroom with me?’

Within seconds I’m standing next to the sofa. He stands up with a big smile on his face, takes my hand and then effortlessly lifts me up. Like old times, I curl my legs around his waist and let him take me. The smell of his perfume has entered my nose and nestles somewhere deep inside of me. 

With a growl, he throws me on the bed and I let out a small squeal as my body hits the mattress. In a flash I start to take off my clothes and I watch him doing the same at the edge of the bed. We stare at each other for a moment. Naked and aroused. Time has been very kind to his body. He wildly grabs one of my ankles and pulls me towards him with one jerk. I sigh excitedly and bite my lower lip. 

‘Bring that sweet pussy of yours to me.’

He pulls my legs apart, drops a blob of his saliva on my clit and dives in. His tongue dances across my skin, sucking and teasing. My hands take hold of his hair and I press him even closer to me. He still knows his trick. My breath is somewhere in my throat and I can’t seem to control it anymore. 

He sucks my labia, licks my clit, buries his fingertips firmly into the skin of my thighs. Just when I’m close to reaching my climax, he stops. He moves up a bit, leans one hand on the bed and bends over me as he buries the fingers of his free hand deep inside of me. 

‘Fuck baby, you feel just a good as you used to.’

The words “used to” sting, but I don’t let him notice and concentrate on the movement of his fingers, in and out of me.

‘Don’t stop, ’ I moan as intelligible as possible. 

He smiles proudly, retreats and divides the rest of my wetness across his hard-on. 

He quickly positions himself between my legs, lets his cock slide through my labia and then thrusts in. I let out an excited sigh, my arms close around his neck and I inhale his scent. 

‘O babe, this really feels like coming home.’

He kisses me passionately as his hand squeezes my waist to keep me in place. He quickly picks up his pace and his hard-on continuously slides against my most sensitive spot that he just warmed up. It doesn’t take long before I feel my toes tingle. My muscles contract and a tidal wave of heat blasts through my body. 

‘I’m coming!’ I sigh loudly. 

‘Fuck, yes! I can feel it. Come for me.’

His words are barely spoken before I explode. My insides pulsate in a dance around his hard-on and he loudly moans with me. It’s an overwhelming feeling. Him, here, inside me again. His thrusting movements take on a new rhythm, a rhythm my body recognizes at once. He’s working towards his climax. 

With a mischievous laugh, I push him off me and sit on my knees in front of him. I grab his hard-on and let my lips slide around it. With an intense longing I suck him until his body empties itself inside of my mouth with convulsing movements. Proudly, I wipe my lips clean and give him a satisfied look. 

‘Please don’t go away again?’

He looks calm pleading me, but I know he feels the same way I feel inside. 

‘Deal,’ I reply and he eagerly pushes me back on the bed. 

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