Erotic Story: One night with her
Erotic story

Erotic Story: One night with her

By Yentl, 26.01.2023

‘Isn’t this great?!’ she calls out excitedly as she throws her bag on the bed. ‘So good to spend a night out together again.’

I smile at her enthusiastically. She’s right and we really don’t do this enough since Sven’s been in her life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy she’s met him and been in a great relationship with him, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss her attention every now and then.

She throws off her coat and kicks her shoes in the corner of the hotel room. 

‘I’m going to take a shower first, if you don’t mind,’ she says cheerfully.

She fumbles in her bag to get her shower stuff and she takes out a clean lingerie set while I drop on the bed next to her bag.

‘I really needed this!’ I sigh.

‘Me too,’ she says softly, playfully sticking out her tongue at me. She laughs and starts to undress. 

For a moment, my eyes dart over her bra, towards her belly and then just a bit further down. An unexpected tingling shoots through my body. 

‘See you in a bit,’ she says nonchalantly and she walks to the bathroom in her thong. 

I sit there in confusion. Images of Eva and Sven in the most exciting positions go through my head. Just like that, they pop up out of nowhere. I find myself getting a little turned on by them, but do my best to hide it and just stare out the window. The bathroom door is ajar and I suddenly hear Eva calling something to me. I carefully push open the door and ask her what’s up. 

‘Would you mind getting my razor blade from my bag for me? I completely forgot.’ She looks at me questioningly and raises her eye brows.

‘No problem, I’ll be right back!’ I reply.

When I walk back into the bathroom to hand her the razor blade, I look at her just a little too long. 

‘Are you checking me out?’ she asks with a smile.

I just laugh it off and slide the shower door shut again. 

‘I don’t mind,’ I hear softly behind me. 

A few minutes later, Eva returns to the bedroom wrapped in a towel. And that same tingling shoots through my body again. We’ve been friends for so long, so why do I suddenly see her in such a different way? Could it be because of Sven? She sits next to me with a smile on her face and puts a hand on my thigh. 

‘It’s really been too long since we spent time together.’ 

She nods shortly and I see her eyes wandering to my lips. She bends over slightly and kisses me on the mouth. Her eyes find mine and she seems to take hold of my gaze. 

‘It’s so good to be with you,’ she says as soon as her lips leave mine. 

I laugh a little nervously and notice her phone starting to buzz. It’s a FaceTime call from Sven. She looks at me mischievously and then takes the call. 

‘Hey baby, we just arrived. I just got out of the shower.’

The sound of his voice echoes through the bedroom. He laughs, says that she looks hot and asks if we are behaving ourselves. 

‘We always behave,’ she replies. ‘Or do you think this is off-limits?’

She takes hold of my hand and puts it on her bare thigh. Then she aligns her phone so Sven can see. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I feel challenged. I give a gentle squeeze in response. 

‘No, that’s fine. I like it,’ Sven replies.

‘Is this okay too?’ she asks, pulling my hand between her legs. 

‘You’re challenging me Eve,’ he says. 

Sven’s voice sounds strict but controlled and Eva lets out a naughty giggle. I’ve suddenly become part of their foreplay. That’s totally okay. They’re welcome to use me. 

‘Sven?’ I ask slightly nervously. 

‘Yes?’ he replies.

‘Would you mind if I touch Eva here?’

Without thinking too long, I grab the edge of her towel and pull it down to expose her breasts, and I softly stroke circles around her nipple with my fingertips. It’s daring, but the tension feels good. I notice Eva’s holding her breath for a moment, and her hungry eyes meet mine in approval. 

‘Shit…,’ Sven sighs. ‘I don’t mind at all, but I‘m a bit jealous though.’

Satisfied, I take it one step further. I lean in and start kissing her soft skin. She moans excitedly. The air around us seems to crackle. 

‘Go on,’ I hear Sven say. 

My lips find one of her nipples. I playfully bite it and then suck it gently. Again, she moans with excitement. The way she heatedly throws back her head, makes me feel empowered. Driven by this sense of power, I pull open the towel and let it drop to the floor. She sits completely naked on the edge of the bed.

‘Fuck, you are stunning,’ Sven sighs excitedly.

He’s right, she is stunning and I wonder what it would be like to touch her there. There where her lightly tanned legs come together. As if reading my mind, she spreads her legs a little further. Biting her lower lip, she looks at me. 

‘Go ahead,’ Sven encourages me. 

I abandon my doubts and let my fingers wander down to her legs. Her skin feels warm and soft, and it almost seems to shiver under my touch. Carefully, I let my fingers slide through her folds and wait for her response. She pushes her legs even further apart and I feel suction as my fingers slide in. 

‘Hold on,’ she says completely unexpectedly. 

Her searching eyes roam the bed and then she takes the pillow and puts it in the middle against the headboard. Next, she places her phone against it and lies down on the bed

‘Show Sven how you lick me.’ Her eyes sparkle with desire. 

There’s no way back now. I briefly glance at the screen of her phone and study Sven’s look. He’s just as far along as we are. He’s just as hungry and it doesn’t look like he’s going to make any move to stop me. 

I swallow with tension, take another look at her body, lower my head and gently press the tip of my tongue against her heat. Her salty taste mixes with my saliva. I lick her the way I’d like to be licked myself and in response to her words of encouragement, I pick up the pace. Somewhere next to me, I vaguely hear Sven start to moan with a curse. He must have a great view. I suddenly realize he is completely familiar with the taste in my mouth. 

Her hands grip the sheets and she turns her face towards her phone. I can’t see it, but I know she’s looking into Sven’s eyes. He groans and curses a few thrilling words. Eva’s moans are getting louder and she tells him just how good it feels. I let my tongue work on her at an ever wilder pace, and feel my own arousal growing. 

‘Yes, oh, don’t stop!’ she yells through the room. 

Encouraged by her words and the way her legs start to squirm, I keep licking her. 

‘I’m coming, I’m coming!’ Under my tongue, she explodes with jerking movements. 

‘Fuck, that’s so good,’ Sven calls through the phone. 

I look up proudly, to her heated face. She smiles and presses a kiss on my mouth. 

‘Shit, that was really good.’

She moves her mouth to my ear and whispers: ‘Tonight, I’ll take time to thank you for this.’

With a naughty wink, she takes hold of her phone again and tries to have a normal conversation with Sven. And I just can’t wait to receive her “thank you” tonight.

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