Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess

By Victoria, 25.08.2022

The night was about to take over from the day when Rose set foot in the bar in which Laura had already seated herself in front of her chardonnay. Laura was daydreaming, or just dreaming since it was no longer daytime, and therefore did not notice Rose had arrived and was standing in front of her. In contrary to the rest of the people in the bar, who nearly all had turned their heads towards Rose when she entered, even if it was just for a split second. Rose had short dark hair in a quiff style that was hard to pull off, even for many men. Overall, it perfectly accented her diamond shaped face, and in combination with her full lips and crystal blue eyes, her appearance was the most elegant balance between femininity and masculinity. However, both her appearance and behaviour were always in flux and occasionally wandered into either direction of the gender spectrum. “It flows, and I let it flow,” she once explained. During her life she has caused both straight women and gay men to question their sexuality. Combined with bold statements and opinions about society and reality in general, she would mostly leave them, and anyone else, utterly confused. Tonight she was wearing a black blazer and a plain white V-neck under it, an outfit that nicely demonstrated her noncompliance with gender roles. Her breasts were small enough they did not need to be held up by external means and were continuously allowed to roam freely.

“Hey, you! Earth to Laura,” she said while she waved her hand in front of Laura’s face. Instantly Laura snapped out of her trance and looked at Rose with a blank stare. “Where were you?” Rose asked laughing and took the seat next to Laura. “Trying to figure out if we indeed live in a simulation. You truly minded fucked me with that one, Rose,” Laura apprised while shaking her head. “Well, at least I fucked something.”

It was a natural beauty that made Rose’s heart abruptly beat faster and this time had also sparked interest in Laura.

Laura seemed to be quite the opposite from Rose; she had long blond hair and a very casual chic look that was consistent and predictable. However, it had always been more important for Laura to smell nice than to look good and as a result, nobody on earth could claim to have ever caught even a whip of a bad smell around her. Laura and Rose were in their late-twenties and had been close friends for several years now. It was clear there had always been sexual tension between them, at least this was clear for Rose. However, Laura’s sexuality seemed to be as rigid as her style, and her inexhaustible demand and corresponding supply of male admirers caused her not to notice or just deny the presence of this tension. For Rose it all had just turned into a source of jokes containing a grain of truth, as for her, their friendship was more valuable than a good fuck could ever be. In the end, all was good, until through chain of events, Adele came into their lives that evening. Adele was a famous French sculptor, at least she was very noted in the world of sculpting, no person present that evening had ever heard of Adele Delacroix before. Adele was slightly older than both Rose and Laura and additionally exhibited a manner that was mature beyond her age. Some would say it seemed to stem from a soul that had already lived many lives. She had ash blond hair, an incredibly skinny build, and never wore make-up. It was a natural beauty that made Rose’s heart abruptly beat faster and this time had also sparked interest in Laura, whose confusion about the feeling had immediately risen to her face in the form of one raised eyebrow the moment Adele stumbled into the bar.

Just moments before Adele was harshly confronted with the reality that her wallet had been stolen. This must have happened at the bus stop a couple of hours before. If the bus had not been late, she would have left the scene at the supposed time the thief, and she would never have crossed paths. In her wallet was beside money, a piece of paper with the address where she was supposed to meet the model for her new sculpture project. It took her half a day to realise, but as soon as she did, she ran into the nearest bar, in hope to find a phone she could use to obtain the address again. Since that same magical day her phone had stopped working without warning, or reason for that matter, hence the use of the piece of paper.

The bar she entered was the bar, where Laura was currently enlightening Rose that had a strange fascination of French women, mainly their accent caused “a strange feeling,” she confessed. Adele was instantly mesmerised by Rose’s bone structure and all she wanted to do at that moment was to sculpture her face into immortality. She actively chose to forget about her meeting and walked over to Rose and Laura. “May I sit down?” Adele asked with a distinctive French accent. “I fucking love the universe,” Rose cheered, while Laura put her hand over her mouth, and Adele interpreted it all as a yes and sat down at their table. Rose was mostly thrilled the current situation was proving her point about synchronicities, but Laura was merely trying to cope with “that strange feeling” that had made itself known in her body again.

She wanted to be touched, she needed to be touched.

After explaining the importance of art in general, imperishable nature of sculptures, and the current struggle within an industry that seemed to be unappreciated by the modern consumer, Adele got the point, “I want to sculpture your face.” It was hard to say no to an offer to have your face captured in something as durable as stone. “Do you need to sit still for months?” Rose joked. “No, I will have to take pictures of your face from many angles. We can do it, now, at my studio,” Adele explained, while Laura continued to enchant by her accent. Two chardonnays, three beers, two gin tonics, and one bus ride later, the three of them were standing slightly tipsy in Adele’s studio. In the meantime the tension had risen high between all of them and anyone could have felt it in the air. Laura closely watched as Adele sensually positioned Rose’s face in front of the camera, sensing herself getting aroused. She wanted to be touched, she needed to be touched. Rose was always very dominant, and the initiator of sexual encounters but Adele’s presence had slowly sucked any boldness out of her. Adele, however, was no longer able to resists the alluring lips in front of her, she needed to experience them with her own. When she looked intensely into Rose’s eyes, she understood she wanted it too and bent forward. The moment their lips touched Rose’s body started to shake. Laura finally acknowledged the tension that had been present all these years, and she was unable to control her breathing while she watched her friend and the mysterious French sculptor lose themselves in a dance of tongues. Suddenly, Adele opened her eyes and beckoned Laura to join. While trying to cope with her disbelief, she made her way over to them.

Rose’s vagina had become juicy with excitement, and her blood was rushing fast through her whole body. Especially her clit was pulsating for attention. She gasped for air the moment Adele disentangled her mouth from hers and watched as it moved onto Laura’s. Seeing how their tongues were sliding in between their lips, searching for each other, making her explode internally. She placed one hand on each of their necks. They stopped kissing and exchanged gazes with each other. With anticipation, Adele looked back and forward between the two friends, and it was clear what she excepted to happen next. Rose and Laura suddenly saw each other in a completely different light and were both slightly startled by it. They did not let it stop them and years of bottled up tension was released upon the first touch of their lips. Soft moans escaped between their passionate kisses. Adele had been the spark they had needed to ignite the fire between them. While their kissing was getting rougher and rougher, Adele used her hands to explore their bodies, creating an image in her head. She adored what she saw and started to undress their heated bodies. This day had turned into a beautiful mess.

To be continued

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