Erotic Story: He is mine
Erotic story

Erotic Story: He is mine

By Sabine, 29.06.2023

“I want to try something new,” he says. 

He has a mysterious look in his eyes. One I haven’t seen before. His twinkling eyes make me curious. 

“What do you have in mind?”, I ask as I let my fingers trace his thigh. 

It’s Saturday night and we’re sitting on the couch. Yesterday, we painted the town red and tonight we are supposed to be home together. No friends, no parties, just the two of us.

“What if he reverse roles?”, he starts. “And you are the boss for a change.”

I listen carefully to my dream guy. The man who’s been driving me crazy time and again for the past six months. The man I jokingly say can single-handedly close the orgasm gap. The man who holds me tight, slaps my ass and even ties me up sometimes. The man I call Daddy when I’m really horny asks me if I want to be boss for a change. 

“How do you picture that?”, I ask curiously.

“I want you to use me as a sex toy. You can tie me up and do anything with me.” 

The look in his eyes gets more hungry. It’s clear he’s been fantasizing about this for a while because he knows exactly what he wants.

“I want you to tease me until I can’t hold it anymore, to kiss and lick me in all the right spots on my body until I beg for more and when I’m about to burst, I want you to fuck me.”

It’s not that I don’t think that’s hot, but I’m still a bit shocked by what he’s asking me. I’ve never done anything like this before, but with him I do want to give it a try. Showing that I’m up for something new, I sweep my long leg over his, and sit on his lap, facing him. 

With my hand in his hair I pull his head back a little. He looks at me wide-eyed, and lets it happen. I keep looking at him as I move my face closer to his and very slowly slide my tongue over his lips. I notice that this position of power feels good and I try to think of all the things I can do with him. 

Again, I bring my face to him and kiss him. I let my tongue roam wildly in his mouth to emphasize that this is not the start of soft lovemaking, but of a horny fuck like we’ve never done before. I tear my mouth from his and order him to take his clothes off. I get up to watch how he unbuttons his shirt, button by button. When his shirt is on the floor, he looks at me questioningly. 

“Go on,” I say sternly. 

He slowly undoes his belt and pulls down his pants. Through his boxers I can see that he cock is getting hard. Apparently, I’m better at this than I thought. When his hands move to his boxers, I stop him. 

“Whoa, tiger,” I say. “Hold on.”

At my direction, he stretches out on the bed. 

“You can’t touch me,” I say. “Keep your hands to yourself until I ask you to touch me.” 

He nods and waits to see what I will do next. I let him watch me take off my clothes. I drop them on the floor one by one until I have nothing on. I position my naked body on his chest. My vulva close to his mouth, but just out of his reach. He eagerly sticks out his tongue as I look down at him. 

I stick two fingers in my mouth and bring my hand between my legs. Right before his eyes, I run my wet fingers over my clit. This role turns me on. Normally, I am his little girl, but today he is mine. I’m in control, and I love it. I let him watch as I play with myself. There’s a hungry look in his big blue eyes, but I’m not about to give him what he wants yet.

My body is already deliciously sensitive because of the excitement. I notice that it won’t take much to get me to climax, so I slow down the pace of my fingers rubbing my clit. I want to stretch this as long as possible. I look down and see him sticking out his tongue again. 

“You want to lick me?,” I ask, already knowing the answer.

He nods eagerly. 

“You can’t,” I say bossily. “Not yet.”

I bring my hand to his mouth, which he opens obediently. I let him lick the fingers that just danced over my clit. He lifts his head slightly, for better reach and then sucks my fingers. He lets them disappear completely into his mouth and licks them clean.

“Well done,” I say as I withdraw my hand.

I lean forward and place my palms on either side of his head. My breasts are dangling right over his face and I see the doubt in his eyes. 

“Go ahead,” I say encouragingly. “Lick my nipples, you know just how I like it.”

I notice that he does his best to restrain himself, but he manages to keep playing along. When I feel the tip of his tongue against my nipple, a shiver runs through my body. I am so horny by now that my whole body seems to be oversensitive. Slowly, he lets his tongue circle my nipple. I enjoy the sensual touch and moan softly. His eyes twinkle with the realization of the effect he’s having on me. He continues until I can barely hold it anymore. 

On hands and knees, I walk back a few steps until my face is level with his manhood. He is not the type of man walking around with a boner all the time. Usually it takes a bit more than a few naughty words and a horny kiss to get him hard, but now his cock is ready to go. With the fingers of my right hand, I take a firm hold of his hard penis. I look at him and very slowly move my hand up and down. He looks at me pleadingly. I know he wants more. More than just a hand on his cock, but he’s not getting it yet. 

I make slow movements with my hand and see him getting hornier. Looking at him, I spit on the tip of his cock and divide it with my hand. In slow-motion, I bring my mouth to his cock and teasingly lick the tip. He moans at the slightest touch, which only turns me on more. Very carefully, I start licking his balls. I firmly hold his hard cock and make minimal movements with my hand. I hear his breath get heavier, but decide to stop only when I hear him moaning again.

“Good huh?”, I say as I look at him defiantly. 

“Ah, yes,” he replies in a hoarse voice.

“Maybe you’ll get more soon,” I answer. “But it’s my turn first.”

I crawl up over his body again. This time I don’t sit on his chest, but position myself directly over his face. I look down and see his big eyes looking up at me. 

“Go ahead, baby,” I say. “Lick me till I come.”

He doesn’t hesitate for a second and even before finishing my sentence, I feel his warm tongue against my labia. I put my hands against the wall and crouch down just a little lower so his tongue can reach everywhere. He indulges my vulva lips first, before shifting his attention to my clit. I moan to indicate that he’s doing well and he steadily continues. I feel his tongue circling my most sensitive spot and enjoy the delicious build-up. Until I get impatient and decide I want more.

“I want to come,” I gasp, planting my hands firmly in the wall.

I take matters into my own hands and start moving my hips. Wilder than I’m used to, I move my pussy over his wet tongue. Looking down, I see that he’s enjoying this new side of me. The horny look in his eyes motivates me to keep going. As fast as I can, I slide over his tongue, until I feel the muscles of my legs and then those in my abdomen contract. The warm feeling races through me and I moan loudly. 

I plop down on his chest and exhale deeply. For a moment, I keep my eyes closed, catching my breath. Holy shit, this was intense. I open my eyes and see him looking at me questioningly. I nod to indicate that he did good. A satisfied smile spreads across his face. 

“You want it too, right?”, I ask after catching my breath.

“Uhuh,” he confirms, looking at me with a crooked grin. “Seeing you come like this has made me fucking horny, baby.”

Still sitting on his chest, I take his hand. I guide it to his cock and nod to indicate that he can play with himself while enjoying the view. He starts to jerk off with his gaze fixed on me. My body has recovered a little from my first orgasm, so I carefully bring my fingers back between my legs again. I feel his body move back and forth a little by the movements of his arm. Provocatively, I spread my legs a little further and slide my fingers between my wet lips. He moans and looks at me greedily. 

“Can I come now?”, he asks panting. 

“Me first,” I say as I let out a moan. 

Faster and faster, I let my fingers run over my clit, as he tugs on his cock faster and faster. I glance over my shoulder to see what it looks like. It always turns me on to see his big masculine hands move on that hard cock. The view takes me over the edge and before I know it my second orgasm runs through my body. With jerky movements, I come on his chest, which pushes him over the edge to climax too. He moans and curses as the cum squirts out of his cock at high speed.

After a deep sigh, I scramble off him. Lying next to each other, it takes a while for me to relax completely. When we’ve come to ourselves again, I turn to him. 

“Was it kind of what you hoped for?”, I ask softly.

He nods. “It was fucking horny to be all yours for once,” he answers. “But next time, you’re mine again,” he adds with a twinkle in his eyes.

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