Woman masturbating

5 masturbation tips for amazing solo sex

Your sex life with a partner isn’t the only thing that can get in a rut. Your solo sex routine can get boring as well. Time to give your me-time a boost! To do so, we listed the best masturbation tips for women. Masturbation tip 1: Set the mood Usually, we spend less time on solo sex than we do on sex with a partner. We dim the lights, put on some ...

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Man lying before a lot pots Nutella

If you love Nutella you should have a look at this…

Who knew Nutella could be sexy. This video went viral for a reason! Cemre Candar is diving into 600 lbs of Nutella. We love the combination of sweet comfort food and a fit guy taking a bath. This video is showing YouTube celeb Cemre Candar, known for his crazy food experiments, filling his bath with 600 lbs of Nutella and slowly emerging himself into it. Though he’s trying to be sensual ...

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Beautiful naked man kissing girlfriend in bed

Why morning sex is the best way to start your day

Hitting that snooze button for a thousand times, taking a quick shower and you're ready for a new stressful day. Wait! Relax! What if you're able to skip that angry morning mood by starting the day with something way more exciting? Hello, sex for breakfast! To start your day with a steamy quickie, while the sun rises, or take all the time you need for some sexy-time: you are either completely ...

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Two naked women tenderly

Why heterosexual women love lesbian porn

The fact that women like porno as much as men do, isn't something we have to be mysterious about anymore. Did you also know that most women get excited by watching two women make love? Yes, please! Set up a movie to make sure everything is warmed up down there: been there done that. It is a fact that it's still hard to find a proper movie that will get the ...

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sexy phone pic of woman in underwear

With these tips sexting will be absolutely amazing

Making a sexy photo or sending a spicy text about whatever you like to do when you are finally together: sexting is hot. You've probably done it yourself, but how can you make sure that you get the most out of sexy texting? When you’re just friends with benefits with that handsome guy or whenever you are in a long-term relationship: playing dirty talk is just really thrilling. Sexting does ...

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Hand full of lubricant

All you need to know about lubricant

Every woman who is completely in the mood for sex automatically gets wet enough to start having sex. But when the ambiance and the finger technique of your lover aren't enough to start that sexy-time without a dry vagina, we present you some tips for using lubricant the best way. Get in the mood Of all those amazing products ever made to spice up your sex life, A lubricant is one ...

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Happy woman looking at nude sexy man

What you do when your lover has a big one

Making out with a man who has some serious business down there, doesn’t mean you’ll have great sex automatically. But let’s be honest: his big penis can spice up that sexy-time a bit. But when his dingdong is wáy over average, we’ll have some tips for you. The size of their penis: it’s something most men are really insecure about. Of course, they won't admit it, but their minds keep spinning around and ...

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Female hand holding vibrator

Why sextoys will spice up your sexlife

Using a sex toy in the bedroom isn't something to be ashamed of anymore. But still, not everybody is convinced when it comes up to the utility of our vibrating friends. Maybe you'll think it's not necessary, or your partner feels this way. Well, you can skip this one: especially in a long-term relationship, sex toys will improve the sex and makes it extra juicy instead. First things first: let's ...

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Condoms of different color

11 facts you didn’t know about condoms

TA condom is something very important when your private parts mean something to you, which you probably already knew. And that it will also help you from becoming a mother when the time is not right, is probably not something you missed either. But wait. There is more! Did you also know that... #1... most condoms are bought by women? Hell yeah, we know that we are the ones who are ...

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