How to have sex when it’s hot as balls outside
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How to have sex when it’s hot as balls outside

By Sabine, 02.08.2021

Oh summer, how we longed for you! But when the heat is on outside the bedroom, enjoying sex might be a bit of a challenge. Whether you want to do it inside or outside, during the day or the warm nights: we have some tips for you to make the best of it! 

Grab some cubes

Ice cubes are not just a welcome addition to your summer cocktail, it can be really horny to use them during sex. Win-win right? Your body reacts to the changes of temperature on your skin and this is a total body experience. 

Alternate positions

We always recommend alternating your positions, but in this weather it’s a must. 

It’s not great being in the same position with lots of bodycontact. Spooning will have to wait until the temperatures drop. Doggy style is a good one! 

Find the perfect spot

The bed might be your favorite place to go, but in hot weather it’s better to look outside your comfy mattress. A bed tends to get hot and sticky and, well, a bit boring too. Find a cool place. Like in the water, on a boat, your tub or the shower. The garden or balcony is also a cool spot, you can catch that cool breeze. 

Just foreplay 

Penetration can be too much in this case, you’d better stick with your favorite foreplay. There’s less bodily contact in foreplay. We often think penetration is ‘the main act’ but foreplay can get you there just as well! After that orgasm you will sleep a lot tighter, that will help when it’s troublesome to sleep in the heat.

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