5 reasons to have hot sex during winter
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5 reasons to have hot sex during winter

By Sabine, 25.02.2020

Winter is coming and so are you! People who claim summersex is the best sex, have been hibernating too long. The dark and cold days are the perfect excuse to hop in your bed early and get things steaming in the bedroom.

1. Winter scenes
What about some hot and steaming sessions at places that seemed to be made for sexplay on cold days?  Choose a flaming hot tub or maybe a steam cabin.

2. It’s why they are called the classics
When you are having sex in wintertimes you are probably choosing the sexpositions that radiate the most body heat and those that give you a cozy feeling, according to sexcoach Amy Levine. People are more aware of their body’s and have the need for positions where they are less in the spotlight and less vulnerable.  Winter favorite is the classic missionary position, according to Levine, and spooning is popular too (in all kinds of variations). It’s nice and warm, pretty intimate too!

3. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for singles
You might think that these cold days are especially great for couples, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.  During the winter there are an endless number of social occasions, that means there are a lot of possibilities for meeting a potential lover. 

4. Better sex for everyone!
Levine claims that the start of a new year is the perfect moment for people whose relationship is in a rut to reconsider their lovelife. They might consider improving their existing relationship (meaning: have better sex) or finding a new partner (meaning: better sex!). So people, it all comes down to having better sex for everyone!  Isn’t that the best news! 

5. Emotional connection is stronger because of the low temperatures
According to sexologist Charley Ferrer (PHD) all facets of winter, including the way we decorate our house and office, make us more emotional. It creates a longing to look past the surface of the people we are usually attracted to. The emotional connection is stronger, that means that the attracting is also stronger and that my dears, means that the sex will be more intense too! 

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