Why you are more in the mood for sex in summer!
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Why you are more in the mood for sex in summer!

By Sabine, 09.08.2021

You might expect the hot weather to be a mood killer, thinking of the intoxicating heat waves and the lack of air conditioning. But, that’s like, sooo not the case! We’ll tell you why!

Warmth and intimacy

Love and sex: it’s just in the air in summer! The connection we make between warmth and intimacy is the main cause, we just feel more connected with the people around us when we feel warm. Several studies find that the change of temperatures affects our intimate feelings. And we associate sex with intimacy, so in summer we feel our longing for sex increase. Yes, bring it on! 

Here comes the sun

The scientific evidence is clear; sunlight increases your levels of serotonin, you know, that happy hormone, which will increase your mood, doesn’t that sound incredibly good? It can be compared to that delicious horny feeling people get after taking XTC or MDMA. Sunlight is definitely the healthy choice! 


Say what? Sweat is something that makes us more in the mood for sex? Yes, it does! You might not think sweat is horny at all, but we’re not talking gym socks here. In summer we tend to sweat more. That summer sweat contains certain, let’s call it fragrances, that will make you more attractive to other people. And vice versa. 

More free time

The weather is not just nice, changes are big, you might have more free time on your hands. You probably have a holiday planned, at home or away, which means less stress and deadlines. The increase of free time means there will be an increase of happy hormones which will trigger a higher libido. And when the days are longer you will have more changes to hook up with a potential new lover. More time to flirt! 

Healthy living

You might think of all those bbq parties or grabbing all those drinks while out on your favorite terrace. But people tend to be more active and eat healthier in summer. This has a huge positive influence on your libido. Being active is one of the most effective ways of stimulating your sexual longings. Working out will boost your testosterone levels and your self confidence at that. 

Your stamina increases

Your brain creates melatonin to help itself get sleepy at night. The sunlight influences that process, decreasing the effect. Simply said: when days are longer, there will be more sunlight, less melatonin will make you less sleepy. Your sexual stamina will last longer: maybe even all night long. 

Naked bodies!

Yes, well, it might seem obvious, but along with the weather, a naked body gets us hot too! You might be a bikini away from being naked. It’s just a small step to complete nakedness and hotness (both consent to this of course!).

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