How To Have Better Foreplay
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How To Have Better Foreplay

By Rebecca, 15.07.2019

Foreplay is skipped over far too often. Instead of jumping straight into intercourse, you should spend a fair amount of time warming up and pleasuring each other.

Honestly, foreplay should get way more attention than it does. It can be the difference between a quickie that amounts to a one-sided climax and an explosive night to remember forever.

Want to get in on the action? We have some tips on how to have better foreplay, of course!

#1. Start Before You Get Home

A great way to improve foreplay is to have it start while you’re not at home. It can start during the day at work if you want to send some sexy text messages to each other, or it can start at a bar with some intense footsie under the table. It can even start with a hot and heavy makeout session while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Foreplay doesn’t need to remain within the confines of the bedroom or even the home. Start seducing each other earlier in the day or night so that the sexual tension and anticipation has time to build up.

#2. Keep Your Clothes On

If you find yourself rushing through foreplay, try this little trick: keep your clothes on while you start to fool around. Spend some time rubbing each other over your layers or get busy with some old-school-style dry humping. You can still turn each other on while wearing clothes and it can help you avoid rushing through foreplay and jumping right into the main act.

#3. Be Enthusiastic

The name “foreplay” is not really representative of what this part of sex really is. The name “foreplay” presumes that it is what happens before you start having fun. Except we believe that foreplay is already part of the fun.

Don’t skip ahead or give a lacklustre performance because you do not think it is as important as intercourse. Be enthusiastic and spend some time playing with each other’s bodies. Don’t think of it as “foreplay” – think of it as part of the main act. Look at it as extra time to pleasure each other, and isn’t that kind of the point?

#4. Explore the Whole Body

There are erogenous zones located all over the body and they should not be neglected. Instead of focusing only on genitals and nipples, spend time loving other parts of each other’s bodies. Softly nibble earlobes, run your hands through their hair, kiss them over their hips and into their thighs. Explore their whole body and find out what sends shivers down your partner’s spine.

#5. Add Some Accessories

Don’t limit your foreplay to just your hands, mouth and imagination. You can always take it further with the addition of some sex toys, sex accessories or by playing some porn videos in the background. Do whatever turns you on!

#6. Change It Up

Just like penetrative sex, it is important to mix up your foreplay to keep it interesting. It can be easy to do the same things again and again when you know they work, but this repetition can make it feel more like a routine than something sexy and fun. Use the tips above to try to mix things up every so often to keep each other intrigued and excited.

#7. Get Verbal Consent

One of the absolute sexiest things someone can do it ask for consent. Even if you’ve been married for 20 years, a simple “Is it okay if I do this?” can be super hot, especially when trying out something new.

You don’t have to make it a rigid question, you can simply check in to make sure your partner is okay with what is happening. There are so many hot ways to ask for consent, don’t let the media tell you it will “ruin the mood.” If anything, it will show your partner you respect them, which can only be a good thing.

Is there something a partner did during foreplay that absolutely drove you wild? Let us know over on Twitter.

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