5 tips to make after play exciting again
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5 tips to make after play exciting again

By Janna, 29.01.2024

If you had to choose; getting dressed again right after sex or lying down a little longer with your lover to relax? After a good sex session, most people want to take some time for cuddling. So it’s worth it to make after play just as important as foreplay!

While foreplay can be very exciting and sexy and pretty long too sometimes – in a good way of course! -, the moment after the climax is always a bit abrupt. With a one-night-stand those clothes are often back on quicker than we like and some partners turn around after the deed and immediately fall asleep – boring! Not everyone realizes how much fun after play can be.  So, we give you 5 tips to tempt your partner into some fun after play.

Tip 1: Shower time!

We all have to shower and it can even be pretty nice post-sex! So why not step under that jet together? After all that exertion, a hot shower can be so relaxing. Or maybe go for a cold shower to cool off from your hot sex session. And although the smell of sex can be arousing at times, you probably prefer the fragrance of your own shower gel afterwards (or your partner’s maybe!).

Tip 2: Cuddling

For some cuddling may even feel better than sex. You can really connect together that way and it takes much less effort than having sex. Plus, cuddling can also reduce anxiety, relieve chronic pain, strengthen your immune system and make it easier for both of you to fall asleep. What more do you want?

Tip 3: Netflix and chill

Not everyone likes to dive into conversation right after sex. It’s often nice to just blow off some steam without talking to each other for a while. Does that feel a bit awkward maybe? Just watch a series together! Choose a sexy series if you want to stay in the mood; that will keep you both in a sexy vibe a little longer.

Tip 4: Time for her  

Ideally, both man and woman get an orgasm during sex. But it’s common knowledge that this is often a lot easier for men than for women. So it could well be that he comes while she doesn’t. But that’s not how it should go! So, you can let the after play revolve around letting her come. Caressing or even fingering doesn’t always have to take much effort. If you had some foreplay and the sex felt great, sometimes all you need is a little extra stimulation to get you over the edge in no-time.

Tip 5: Time for her (part 2)

Ladies, in case your partner isn’t up for tip 4 yet… Feel free to touch yourself and invite him to take over if he wants to. Whether he’s in or out, most guys get turned on by a woman touching herself in bed next to them. And why should you hold back when he’s exhausted? While he’s enjoying his post-coital pass-out, you can surely take a little private time to reach your heavenly high, right?

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