Everything you wanted to know about intimate piercings for men
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Everything you wanted to know about intimate piercings for men

By Eva, 02.12.2021

Erotic piercings for men are incredible hot and exciting. Decorating your penis shows the world you’re proud of it! That self confidence really turns women on. Men usually get a piercing because of the extra sexual pleasure and of course because it looks so cool. But how can you choose the right piercing for you? And what are the pros and cons? We’ll tell you! 

Prince Albert

On top of the list – by far- is the Prince Albert. This is a rod shaped piercing and it is set through the top of the penis. The reason that it’s so popular is because it brings a lot of sexual pleasure. The small ring will move around the top of the penis while fucking and this makes the sex even better. You will enjoy it in no time because it heals rather quickly: in 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on the proper care. 

Reverse Prince Albert

There’s a variant on the Prince Albert and it’s called.. the reverse Prince Albert. It’s a small ring and it goes through the urethra. There’s no problem in using a condom, just like the classic Albert, because there are no sharp edges. If you’d like to be more sure: use an extra strong one. Better safe than sorry. Healing can take up to 4 to 6 months, because of the thicker tissue. 


History intro: Tribe Members on the Philippines and Borneo were obliged to have this piercing when getting married. It was said to help against cheating and was named “The Magic Cross”. It was discovered by people in the Western countries and even became a trend in the SM and in the gayscene. De Ampallang is pierced through the top of the penis, and goes through the urethra too. It starts out with a jewel sized 2mm but after the skin is healed it can be stretched to thicker tube sizes. Why? The thicker the tubes, the more comfortable it is. A thinner tube ‘cuts’ the tissue more. Healing takes from 3 to 6 months. 


This intimate piercing is set on the edge of the tip, a small rod with a small ball on each side. Men often choose for several Dydoes, this powerful choice is called “Kings Crown”. Several Dydoes improve not only his sexual pleasure but yours too! It can take up to 4 to 6 months to heal though. 


This piercing is mainly one to choose because it looks cool, not because it stimulates sexually. It is set through the skin of the ballsack. The piercing is U-shaped so there will be some space left for the balls to expand and tighten when he has an erection. Because it is set through the surface of the skin it heals rather quickly: 4 to 6 weeks. 

Intimate piercing Do’s: 

  • It looks cool
  • It’s an intimate secret
  • It can enhance the sexual pleasure, depending on the piercing 
  • It can enhance your partner sexual pleasures, depending on the piercing

Intimate piercing Dont’s 

  • No blowjobs without protection before it’s properly healed because of bacteria 
  • Sex can hurt in the beginning 
  • When the sex gets rough you can get stuck or rip it 
  • If you remove piercings it might leave scars
  • Saunas can be a bit less relaxed when your choice of jewelry gets really hot 

Off to the piercing shop!

If the pros are topping the cons then you’re ready to be off to the piercing shop! Be sure to wear jogging trousers, we don’t have to tell you why. And nothing too tight, for days after the piercing has been set. Check if they are professionals and that everything is hygienic. The artist has to use a new needle, disinfect the skin around the spot. It’s also very important to get the right information áfter you get pierced on how to take care of the wound. Be sure to ask around and read reviews before you pull your pants down and hop into the chair.

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