The A-spot
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The A-spot

By Janna, 09.11.2023

It’s a good thing that most people are aware of how women can climax in various ways. (Practically) everyone has heard of the G-spot orgasm and clitoral orgasm. However, not everyone knows that women can experience many more varieties of orgasms. The A-spot orgasm is yet another possibility which is certainly worth paying more attention to here.

Have fun!

Let’s start by saying that every body is different and that a certain type of stimulation can be experienced as heavenly by one person while another person doesn’t really feel a thing. If you want to look for your A-spot or that of your partner, keep in mind that you may not succeed at first. Stimulating this sensitive spot gives a good feeling which for some people can lead to an orgasm. Even if this is not the case for you, or not on the first try, stimulation can feel pretty good in itself. Just take your time to discover and experiment and enjoy your playful search without putting too much focus on reaching climax.

Where to find the A-spot

There are various erogenous zones in the vagina, of which the G-spot is probably the most familiar. If you want to try A-spot stimulation, you have to look for it deep in the vagina. You can do this by penetration with fingers, a dildo or a (long) penis. The A-spot is deep in the vagina, near the navel, as it were. If you want to experiment with A-spot stimulation by yourself, it’s convenient to use a slightly curved toy for this, so you can more easily hit the front wall of the vagina.

Ideal positions for A-spot stimulation

It’s possible to stimulate the A-spot during penetration sex. The most important thing is to choose a position which allows for deep penetration. Reverse cowgirl works very well because the tip of the penis not only reaches very deep this way, but also hits the front wall of the vagina a bit more. You can also try missionary, but place a pillow under the woman’s buttocks to slightly elevate her hips. You may have to try out a few different positions before finding one that does the trick. Each vagina is a little different and, for example, a slight curve in the penis can also make all the difference here. So, it’s up to you to go explore, have a good time and hit it right!

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